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Aoife Walshe

Heritage Researcher

Location icon Ireland

I am an archaeologist who has spent the past two years working on excavations around Ireland. Prior to archaeology I worked as a tour guide in the UCD Classics museum giving me a background in translating academic writing into engaging information for non-specialists. I also hold a master’s degree in Classics giving me a strong research background exemplified in my 2016 thesis which explores ethnic identity in Hellenistic Cyprus. I finished up excavations in Dublin at the end of 2018 and returned to Sligo full time to pursue researching and writing about the heritage of Ireland's most underrated county!

Archaeology Ireland
Resurrecting Monuments

My contribution to a collaborative article by myself and other community archaeologists.

Iris Project
Bull Rhyton

Short piece on an artifact I found interesting for part of a project to engage young people with Classics.