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11 jewish creatives on identity, community, and sarah silverman

Photography Marisa Chafetz. Casting Natalie Yang. "There's a similar camaraderie in being Jewish as there is in being queer. Most queer or Jewish individuals have faced identity crises or discrimination in ways big and small. There's comfort in being around people who have shared your experience..."

Bitter Blush

Colleges operate on the guarantee that students will leave after four years. This is not always the case-people take time off, transfer, etc. But our transience is inherent to the romanticization of college and how most institutions treat the individuals who generate their income at tuition-depende

It's Not Personal

On meeting someone who might be your soulmate-- and falling for each other, in spite of her boyfriend

Guest of a Guest
How To Prep Your Wardrobe For Fashion Week

Fashion week is to some as Halloween is to the cast of Mean Girls: it's the one time of year when you can wear your most fashion pieces and nobody can say anything about it. Last year, during London fashion week, I piled as many clashing designer items as I could on my person and crashed a bunch of parties.

Studying Abroad, A Month After Being In Paris

Why studying abroad now is more important than ever. The first time I was supposed to travel in Europe, my parents cancelled our trip because the London subway was bombed two weeks prior. Seven years later, I participated in an exchange program through my high school.

Taste The Style
Wednesdays With Mimi Chengs - Taste The Style

There's nothing better than a meal shared with loved ones. That truth has guided sisters Marian and Hannah Cheng through the concept, planning, and execution of their wildly successful dumpling restaurant, Mimi Cheng's.

Taste The Style
Get To Know Isaac & Jenny, NYC's New "It" Couple - Taste The Style

Call us hopeless romantics, but we'd like to believe that love isn't dead, no matter how discouraging the Tinder-flame dotted wasteland of modern romance can be. Case in point: DJ duo, best friends, and soon-to-be husband and wife Isaac Hindin-Miller and Jenny Albright.