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I am a young and enthusiastic writer with an ability to approach an eclectic range of topics and present them in a flavourful, albeit sensible manner. I specialise in creative and cultural fields, with a particular emphasis on music. I have a very brave and liberal writing style - one that resembles a classical symphony with a Rock 'N' Roll zeal - yet I always aim to submit meticulous compositions and can be very flexible to thematic demands. If the topic allows it, I like to embed personal experiences and metaphorical antics to intrigue the reader. With influences from Hunter S. Thompson and the likes of Tom Wolfe - as well as the classics - I like to engulf myself in a subject with a methodical approach inspired by gonzo journalism whilst providing the work with a creative flair.


Online Articles

Russian Art + Culture
Loud Words - Chekhov, the Doctor with a Gun | Russian Art + Culture

"If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there.'"(Anton Chekhov) 'Writing' can often be misconceived as a rather straightforward artistic medium.

Russian Art + Culture
Recovery - Art after the Pandemic | Russian Art + Culture

Art always faces challenges. Be it censorship, fiscal barriers, or even just a pure drought of inspiration, creative athletes and wonderland executives of this eclectic sideshow extravaganza have jumped many a hurdle to bring the medium to where it is today.

Russian Art + Culture
Balalaika - Russia's Musical Cornerstone | Russian Art + Culture

My mother once called me a "balalaishnik" ( a balalaika player) as a tongue-in-cheek reference to my guitar-playing pass time. Understandably, I was somewhat lightly offended by such a comment - being a student of what I considered to be a more advanced instrument - but nonetheless, I ended up taking it in good stride; for I could certainly discern the evident connection between the two distant relatives of the lute.

Russian Art + Culture
A Young Doctor's Notebook (SkyArts1 Series) Review | Russian Art + Culture

Thinking of a new series to watch? Read the review of "A Young Doctor's Notebook", SkyArts1 series, by Anton Sanatov. Screen adaptations are like chemistry - they all involve (materials) a vast amount of factors that need to be combined using that one elusive formula in order to make the entire intricate ordeal work; and not combust in flames.

Russian Art + Culture
Beyond The Motherland - 5 Famous Russian Emigrants and Their Dwellings | Russian Art + Culture

They say that home is where the heart is, and whilst for many that place remains to be their motherland, others may decide to plant their roots elsewhere. Be it for social, political, or personal reasons, when the call of another country reaches the soul of the to-be pilgrim, the oncoming change of scenery might not simply be one of a recreational voyage, but one of solace or a new beginning.

10 Things Everyone Forgot About The 1932 Ford V-8

We must always remember where we came from, and those who paved the way for the world that exists today. For without the foundations, without the bones, there would be no catalysts for futures, no ideas to shape the flow of contemporary life - and no industry to bring us four-wheeled wonders that tear the tarmac.

10 Reasons Why The Ford Mustang Is An American Icon

Legends aren't born every day; they are the result of time, will, and dedication. We never know when one such specimen should choose to enter the history books, when a collection of atoms may ascend to a status of immortality and change the timeline forever.

Independent Articles/Fiction

How to Write an Album Review

Anton spent 3 years working at an online music magazine as a writer, interviewer, photographer, editor, and eventually co-editor-in-chief. Putting music into words can be a rather daunting task. The sounds are like magic, intangible, fleeting, and intrinsically infinite. So, how does one describe such wizardry?

How to Review a Live Concert

Following the positive reception of my previous two "music journalism" related articles (see bottom of the page), I decided to complete this modest instructional trilogy with a brief guide on how to carry out a review (or reportage) of a live concert.

How to Interview a Professional Musician

Stephen Marley once said that "music is a like a conversation." He was, of course, speaking about the actual process of making music. But, what happens when you actually have to sit and talk with a musician about their craft? Here are some tips on how to handle an interview with a musician.

Five Simple Tips to Conquer the Fear of the Blank Page

Anton was studying Literature at the University of Essex when he decided to try his hand out at writing fiction - which he does to this day. We've all been there... The perturbation, the endless procrastination, and a barrage of other unnecessary glances into the thesaurus.

5 Notable Champions of the Minimalist Writing Style

Anton was studying Literature at the University of Essex when he decided to try his hand out at writing fiction - which he does to this day. Less is more - it's something that we've all heard that at some point in our lives.

Fixer Upper (A Short Story)

Fixer Upper is one of my earliest short stories, and one that I had once submitted to a Flash Fiction competition. It remains to be my only attempt at a story of its kind, but it's an honest one nonetheless, and thus, after rediscovering it, I decided that it should see the light of day.


Dwid Hellion (Integrity)

"Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume", your new record, is said to be a conceptual foretelling of the final days of the Apocalypse. Is that correct? Well yeah, I guess that's sort of correct, I mean, that's the publicity angle of it all. (Chuckles slightly.) So do you believe that Armageddon is indeed upon us?

Bob Kulick

Interview with Bob Kulick from Bob Kulick by Anton Sanatov at 07 September 2017, 5:49 AM The road to musical eminence is a tough one to pave, and yes, there are natural-born stars that are destined to blow up, but behind every supernova is a reaction that makes its existence possible, the foundation of its incendiary power...a catalyst of greatness.

Rolf Munkes (Crematory)

Hi Rolf, how's it going? Great, thanks. Would you like to get started? Yes, let's go. You are relatively new to the band-fold, having joined in 2015, how has your time in the group been so far? It's been a wonderful time.

Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork)

Hello Bjorn, how are you? Thank you for taking the time to speak with us; we really appreciate it. No problem. Would you like to get started? Yeah, lets do it. So, how has your year been so far? Oh, busy...(Slight chuckle.)

Gus G (Firewind)

Hi, how are you? Fine, thanks. How about you? Great. Would you like to get started? Sure. I'd like to begin by asking a bit about the new record. What was your vision for this album; what direction were you taking with "Immortals"?

Joey Z (Life Of Agony)

I'm all right man. They've got me on a pretty tight schedule here. Interviews are pretty much every half an hour, so we better get right to it. Let's get started then...I'd like to begin by talking a little bit about the new record. Tell me about this " place where there is no more pain".

Mathijs Tieken (The Charm The Fury) interview -

THE CHARM THE FURY, certainly seem to think, and in the wake of their upcoming sophomore effort, "The Sick, Dumb and Happy", the band's skins man, Mathijs Tieken, took some time to speak with Metal Temple about the inspiration behind their new record, the place of politics in music, and the virtues of a raw Metal sound.

Brock Lindow - 36 Crazyfists

September saw the release of you most recent album "Lanterns". How would you describe it in your own words? Musically it's a pretty moody rock album with a lyrical content that consists of a man really analysing his life and telling the stories of paths once walked.

Connor Garritty (All Hail The Yeti)

Great, thanks. Would you like to get started? Sure. I'd like to start by talking a little bit about the new album - "Screams From A Black Wilderness". What can you tell us about some of the themes that you explored on this particular record?

Photography & Reportage

Jinjer @ The Underworld Camden, London, UK

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. 43 guests Welcome to our newest member, sdyuzazne8 JINJER/From Sorrow To Serenity/A Trust Unclean/Karybdis in Monday, 20 November 2017 at The Underworld Camden With great power comes great responsibility...yes, that old cliché.

Devilment @ Boston Music Room, London, UK

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. DEVILMENT/She Must Burn/Generation Graveyard in Saturday, 10 December 2016 at Boston Music Room Oh how the heathens love their the children of the shadows rejoice at a chance to pillage the lands of fine morals and spread their seed of mischief.

Band-Maid @ The Underworld, Camden, London, UK

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. in Thursday, 13 October 2016 at The Underworld I don't think anyone was expecting that. The modern music scene likes to stun...after all, that is what progress does.

Soilwork @ The Underworld Camden, London, UK

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. in Friday, 26 August 2016 at The Underworld Camden Perhaps there is a state...somewhere in between passion and obsession...that can best describe what it is to be Metal.

Norma Jean, Hibakusha @ Q Factory, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. in Tuesday, 28 June 2016 at Q Factory Those who have had the opportunity to make my acquaintance would surely consider the idea of me paying a visit to Amsterdam a rather malevolent endeavour; this is especially true for those who had known me in my early 20s.

Wisdom In Chains, Argy Bargy, Injury Time, Proven @ The Underworld, Camden, London (UK)

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. WISDOM IN CHAINS / Argy Bargy / Injury Time / Proven in Wednesday, 20 July 2016 at The Underworld Camden Strength, integrity, solidarity, respect...all of these words - and many more of equal weight - may be assigned to describe the socio-musical construct that is the Hardcore Punk scene.

Blaze Bayley, Obzidian, Divine Chaos @ The Underworld, Camden, London (UK)

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. BLAZE BAYLEY / Obzidian / Divine Chaos in Sunday, 29 May 2016 at The Underworld Camden Metal is a genre of integrity. It is a movement, a blistering force of shared values and commitment to delivering freedom to the masses.

Album Reviews/Lists

Lita Ford - Time Capsule (Review by Anton Sanatov)

Nostalgia is a privilege of the seasoned. Many heed the fast lane of life and dread each mile, but with each passing sunset comes a new page in the scrapbook. And there is a particular warmth one feels upon taking a trip down memory lane; like the afternoon sun that glares though the windscreen as you roll past the sign bearing that forgotten town's name.

Defecto - Excluded (Review by Anton Sanatov)

Ready? Start your motors. I think it is safe to say that a lot of us - male of female - feel a certain magnetic pull towards the elite bearers of internal combustion engines. They combine some of the most instinctually desirable aspects that rattle our daring curiosities.

Hitten - State Of Shock (Review by Anton Sanatov)

In the metal world we often bare witness to attempts at resurrection. Every genre is filled with ambitious white-gowned crusaders armed with epinephrine needles and defibrillator paddles running to the rescue of styles with waning vital signs.

Deathless Legacy - The Gathering (Review by Anton Sanatov)

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before. by Anton Sanatov at 04 April 2016, 3:44 PM You know you've pulled something special out of the goodie-bag when it makes you smile like a hyena on mescaline. Allow me to elaborate...