Antonio Todd

Freelance Copywriter

United States

With a prolific career spanning 3+ years and counting, I am a seasoned and results-driven freelance copywriter specializing in creating compelling content that not only engages readers, but also enhances online visibility through effective SEO strategies. My expertise encompasses a diverse range of formats, including SEO-optimized blog content, meticulously crafted website copy, and impactful short and long-form articles.

My proficiency extends beyond creative writing to include research papers and persuasive marketing copy, making me a versatile and dynamic professional in the field. Fueled by a passion for language and a commitment to delivering top-notch content, I have consistently exceeded client expectations, helping businesses establish a strong online presence and drive meaningful engagement. As a dedicated wordsmith, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to every project, ensuring my clients stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Garden Biology
Hoya Rotundiflora: Ultimate Care Guide | Garden Biology

Common Name(s)Porcelain Flower Plant, Wax Plant, Wax VineScientific NameHoya RotundifloraSun ExposureBright, Indirect LightSoil pH6.1-7.5Watering RequirementOnce a week (Summer and Spring) Once every two weeks (Fall...

Garden Biology
Hoya Pachyclada Plant: Ultimate Care Guide | Garden Biology

Common Name(s)Red Corona, Wax PlantScientific NameHoya Pachyclada KerrSun Exposure2-3 Hours of Direct SunlightSoil pH6.1-7.5Watering RequirementOnce Every 7-10 DaysHardiness ZoneZone 11 (USDA)Plant Height30-60 cmPlant Width15-75 cm...

Garden Biology
Hoya Sunrise: Ultimate Care Guide | Garden Biology

Common Name(s)Hoya Sunrise, Wax Plant, Porcelain FlowerScientific Namehybrid between Hoya lacunosa ssp. Pallidiflora and Hoya obscuraSun ExposureBright, Indirect LightSoil pH6.0-7.0Watering RequirementOnce every 5-8 Days (Spring...