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Anthea Taylor

Content Producer

Location icon United Kingdom

A chronicle of misogyny - Venus Libido - Oneg

Venus Libido is an illustrator that uses humour and bright colour to present us with dark and upsetting truths about misogyny and harassment. Her work is a window into the minds of so many women that are trying to balance promoting self love while still needing to confess to the vulnerabilities that they have.

Our Inner Thoughts for All to See - Seth Pimentel - Oneg

The work of illustrator, Seth Pimentel, conveys a darkness. This ominous feeling that his work gives to the viewer is indicative of phobias and of the parts within ourselves that we fear the most. Seth Pimentel, or African Ginger, lives in Johannesburg and draws inspiration from the city by which he is surrounded.

Unlabelled Magazine
Inactivism - Feminism For the Consumer | Unlabelled Magazine

We are living in a time when social causes are being used as a branding tool. It has become necessary to define who you are and to carve out your own little space in the heaving mass of people with whom we are increasingly confronted through social media.

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Ticking the Box Marked 'Other' | Unlabelled Magazine

Kim Sanssoucie was born in Durban but has also lived in Cape Town and Johannesburg (the city where she currently resides). She is a writer and actress but her CV reveals many other strings to her bow. The Dirt Road, a play that she wrote and starred in, is a recent accomplishment of hers.

Barbara Wildenboer - A Collection and Corpus of the Anthropocene - Oneg

Barbara Wildenboer uses photography and collage to create works that confront our psychological connection with the ecological. Climatic chaos is addressed in Wildenboer's work and, alongside this, environmental issues that are at the forefront of humanity's most pressing issues.