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Annie Megan Jones

Freelance Copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

Former journalist now specialising in online content writing.


Print journalism

Stammerer Peter Daly hopes new movie The King's Speech will...

Home News Top News Sport Top Sport What's On Top What's On Lifestyle Lifestyle In Your Area Buy, Sell & Tell IT HAS earned Colin Firth Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations and is expected to clean up at next month's Oscars but for Peter Daly The King's Speech is about much more than Hollywood honours.

Obese woman loses 17 stone in two years after GP says no to gastric band

British women may be the fattest in Western Europe but one determined dieter lost an amazing seventeen stone - almost two thirds of her body weight - after a GP turned her down for a gastric band. Kiria Delaney went from a size 32 to a size eight in under two years and is now training as a fitness instructor.


The Aim For Results Blog | Intelligent Marketing Tips and Case Studies

Small businesses often face a number of obstacles when marketing their products or services online. Limited budget and resource can often lead to disappointing results and consequently a lack of backing from senior decision makers. It is therefore important to take advantage of any tools that can help to make you more visible online, particularly...

How to Use Digital Marketing to Attract Passive Candidates

Most companies design their recruitment strategy around active candidates. However, ignoring passive candidates could mean missing out on top talent. Passive candidates are often quite content in their current roles and don't necessarily have plans to move. Despite this, making your company a desirable and appealing place to work could mean the difference between recruiting a good candidate and a great one.

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media For Recruitment

Over the past 12 months there has been a huge shift in the way companies attract and source talent for their business. A particular area that has had impacted on the hiring of new staff has been social media, which has given companies the opportunity to build their brand, reach active and passive talent and create talent pools of potential candidates.

Social Media And User Recommendation In The Hotel Industry

With the hotel industry placing such a strong focus on customer service, reviews and recommendations, it comes as a surprise that so few hotels are making full use of social media. Much like in the 'real world', social media gives you the opportunity to talk to your guests, solve their issues and promote your services - but on a much larger and more transparent scale.


Digital & Inbound Marketing Conference | IMUK

Welcome to IMUK, an event bringing together marketing professionals and industry leaders to learn the latest & greatest insights in Inbound Marketing! Book a ticket now!

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