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Annie Kiyonaga

Writer, Art Historian, and Recent UNC Grad

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Hi! As a recent grad from UNC Chapel Hill, where I studied Art History and English, I don't have the disposable income to pay for the premium version of this site, so this is a selective sampling of my written work. For a more extensive look at my writings for the Daily Tar Heel, go to:


Columns for the Daily Tar Heel

Daily Tar Heel
Kavanaugh and my own Mater Dei Boy

The majority of the boys who attended all-boys Catholic high schools like Kavanaugh are thoughtful, intelligent, service-oriented young men, whose high school educations provided them with a space to develop their faith and intellect. But there's a dark underbelly exists too.

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: To the raccoon I killed, I'm sorry

A few nights later, I saw a possum on my walk home. Let me be clear: if I dislike raccoons, I hate possums. They look like zombie rat-raccoon blends. As ridiculous as it sounds (what was the possum going to do, chase me back to my dorm?), I ran, faster than I have in recent memory, until I felt the fear seeping out of my system.

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: On 'The Bachelor,' every rose has its thorn

Of the eight nights that I was home for spring break, four were consumed by the appallingly and unbelievably long "Bachelor" finale. My parents, brother, sister and I watched, half-mocking and half-enthralled, as Arie Luyendyk Jr. - 36 years old, 6'2'', conspicuously graying, son of two-time Indianapolis winner Arie Luyendyk - vacillated pathetically between his two remaining love interests.

Daily Tar Heel
The Power of the Queen

If chess was often considered to be a metaphor for war, the queen emerged as the victor, imbuing the battleground with gendered warfare.

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: With books, go home again

"You can't go home again" - the seeming impossibility of my ever fully living at home again, both refuted and strengthened somehow. I can, of course, return to my house, but "home" is a less singular concept.

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: Happy Valentine's Ash Wednesday!

Happy Valentine's Ash Wednesday! (Other variations include: Holy Day of Valentine, Heart Ash Day, Romantic Ash Wednesday. Your choice.) Looking for a way to celebrate that acknowledges, all at once, your Catholic upbringing, current religious uncertainty and zeal for romantic holidays? You've come to the right place.

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: Integrity sleeps in the art world

I n 1970, the artist Hans Haacke created a "poll box" titled "Information" in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The poll question read: "Would the fact that Governor Rockefeller has not denounced President Nixon's Indochina policy be a reason for you not to vote for him in November?"

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: Thank you, Mark McCombs

I'm not really a math person. Nor am I a big-lecture-hall kind of person. My worst grade in college came from Astronomy 101, the so-called "science class for humanities majors." That label is a misnomer: I am a humanities major, and I struggled. (And, honestly, all the physics and speed of light stuff was hard, ok?

Published Work for the Exberliner
Lusty nights: Porn producer Erika Lust at Sisyphos

Erika Lust: feminist, mother of two daughters, political science and gender studies major, and... pornographer. Since her first production, "The Good Girl," in 2004, the Swedish-born, Barcelona-based director and producer has put out hundreds of award-winning films that focus on female pleasure and diverse sexualities, placing her at the forefront of the alternative porn scene.
Find your own Alternative for Deutschland!

You'd call yourself a progressive leftist, but you don't see much hope for change from the SPD, the Greens or even Die Linke. These small parties want to get you inspired and involved. We met with their leaders to find out what makes them stand out.