Anne John

Senior Copywriter

United Arab Emirates

Passionate about the written word. I am one of those lucky ones for whom work and interests overlap! I play with words for a living and would probably do the same even if I do not have to earn my bread.

Currently, I work as a copywriter with an online marketing company. I enjoy writing and editing lifestyle articles on food, travel, film, books, relationships as well as careers.

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Dr. Mathai's Holistic Health Guide For Women

Dr. Mathai's Holistic Health Guide For Women serves as an introduction to holistic healing, giving us a peak into the different dimensions of holistic health.

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A South Indian Christmas

Is Christmas all about cakes and wine? No! Here's how a typical, south Indian Christmas is celebrated, plus an Indian Christmas recipe!

My Dubai My City
5 Tips To Make Friends In Dubai

In a country like the UAE, which has a largely transitory population, it is quite difficult to develop and maintain strong and healthy friendships. 5 tips to meet like-minded people and nurture interesting friendships in Dubai.

How to Keep Up Your Morale as a Freelance Writer

Freelancing comes with many perks such as the ability to choose your work assignments and work flexibility. However, it has its downside as well. 3 tips that helped me keep my chin up – and will hopefully help you too!

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Neha Juneja: No Smoke, Only Fire

Neha Juneja, the Co-Founder of Greenway Grameen Infra, aims to improve the lives of rural Indian women by transforming the way they cook.

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The Book Of Joshua

Tanya Mendonsa’s The Book Of Joshua, is a simple and heart-warming tale that will charm you – animal lover or not!

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Boats On Land

Janice Pariat’s Boats On Land brings us a selection of short stories that are both believable and unbelievable all at the same time!

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The Snow Child

Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child is a magical, if somewhat puzzling tale, of a mysterious girl in the life of an heartbroken couple.

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Shivya Nath: The Travel Entrepreneur

Frustrated with insensitive and mundane travel companies in India? Shivya Nath tells us about her fledgling travel company India Untravelled.

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Going Green In The Desert

Meet Anu Agarwal of Ekotribe, a business supplying eco-friendly products and services in the Middle-East.

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Women In The Boxing Ring

Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian shine the spotlight on the members of the Indian Women’s National Boxing team in With This Ring.

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How To Become A Food Writer

With the explosion of interest in novel cuisines and healthy eating, has food writing as a career come of age in India?

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The Fatwa Girl

Pakistani author Akbar Agha’s The Fatwa Girl, a tale of youthful love, also addresses the complex issues of religion and tradition in a conformist society.

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Show Me The Curry!

Hetal Jannu and Anuja Balasubramanian, founders of Show Me The Curry, transport thousands of viewers from across the globe into their kitchens through their cookery shows on YouTube.

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Aiding Social Change in India

Aarti Mohan, Chief Editor of The Alternative, an online platform that seeks to chronicle and support social development in India.

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Connecting Artists And Audiences

Aishwarya Natarajan, Director of Indianuance – an artiste management firm – and proud recipient of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in Music.

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The Average Indian Male

Taking witty digs at the Indian psyche, Cyrus Broacha’s The Average Indian Male is a fun and entertaining read.

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Women At Work 2011

With 2011 drawing to a close, here is our look at 10 Indian women achievers – who have some interesting ‘firsts’ to their credit.

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Shifting Careers: My Story

Shifting careers to chase your dreams is not always easy. Here is my career change story, from IT professional to becoming a writer.

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More Than A School Teacher

An inspiring woman who, as a school teacher, helps her students overcome poverty with love and determination.

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Love At First Sound!

Watch this beautiful mom and child video – where a child with hearing loss demonstrates the meaning of love at first sound!

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Women In The Limelight 2010

Movies, Politics, Fashion, Sports, Business and just everyday Life – we look at 10 Indian women who made headlines in 2010.

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The Twilight Saga – Eclipse

Eclipse, part 3 of the Twilight movie series, is enjoyable, if a little obtuse to newcomers.

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Salt: A Shot of Adrenalin

Salt is no game changer, but this one-woman show still delivers the thrills.