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Anna Vandermark

Freelancing Artist

Location icon United States

My passion has always been to create and learn as much as I possibly can. From singing to writing to painting, I find my solace in actively and consciously making art. As a young girl growing up in California, one of my biggest inspirations was a painting that sat on the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom. It had been painted by my own, late, great-grandfather. I remember asking my mother about what he did; "So, he was a painter?" "No," she said, "he was a jack of all trades, he loved to paint and hike and experience the world through as many lenses as he could." That was my inspiration.

After moving away from home to study performance at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, I unleashed my own interest in everything. I took as many classes as I could: art therapy, directing, acting, dancing, singing and two in-depth years in writing and composing experimental theater. It was truly one of the happiest times of my life. I was lucky enough to pursue sheer creation and learning for four years. Upon graduating, I took my talents to a small private art elementary where I began teaching children the love for learning and art. I adored working with children but once I moved to Denver I knew I wanted to pursue a career path that allowed me to fully utilize my creative abilities.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
No Where

No Where explores concepts of modern perceptions on fact vs. fiction and the manipulation of said perception.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Dropping at an Alarming Rate

Dropping at an alarming rate is a satirical short play revolving around the impending doom of global warming.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Next Dawn

Next Dawn is a short play that looks at the dynamic between human life and it's survival in space.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
The Hill

In this short play, we delve into the microscopic adventures of ant life!