Anna Mazzone

Content Strategist and Editor

Attitude Magazine
Interiors: The Paradise Prawn

Tucked away beneath a jungle of knotted vines and the radiant skies of Adelaide's shimmering west, is the city's newest and quirkiest small bar.

Clique Mag
Behind The Lens: James Hartley

Straight outta his new home in Brooklyn, New York, James Hartley recently visited Australia, and in between jobs managed to celebrate his 30th birthday, see friends and family, reunite with Dr Piffle & the Burlap Band...

Rip It Up/Attitude Magazine
Interview: Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams just might be the next great kiwi talent that we try to claim as our own.

CLIQUE Mag - Summer 2016
Bored Out Of My Mind

The word boredom didn't start occurring in the English language until the eighteenth century. Does this mean that humans haven't always felt bored?

Attitude Magazine
Feature: Urban Poultry

Chickens are trending in homes across the suburbs as the latest backyard accessory.

CLIQUE Mag - Spring 2015

What are they and why are they claimed to be so super?

Attitude Magazine - Winter Edition 2013
Interview: Datsun Tran

Datsun Tran has changed his style, tone and colour palette over the last 10 years...

Clique Mag
Interiors: Inside Jessie's '60s Haven

As a senior research fellow, full-time student, university lecturer, part-time columnist and occasional DJ, Jessie doesn't get much free time to spend at home.

Attitude Magazine
Interview: World Wild

At 30, Jarrad Lee Jackson has already lived the life of a touring rockstar, shifted genres, gone solo and designed his own fashion label.

CLIQUE Mag - Summer 2016
Matcha: The New Green

Just when you thought you had all your superfood grains, seeds and nuts stacked in the pantry, this wondrous energy-boosting powder emerges.