Anna Llewellyn

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Anna Llewellyn is a freelance writer with extensive experience in humor, feature, and playwriting. She has written for various campus and online publications, writes children's plays at the Play Group Theatre, and won the University of Rochester's first annual Rishi Piparaiya prize for humor writing. Specific interests include political comedy, humorous prose, film and television, playwriting, and psychological sciences.

Taking a deep breath: being a woman in the world of business

The poster was easily visible despite the thick mist of drizzle that had persisted into the dusk. A crudely drawn pink figure faced a ladder with missing rungs. Next to her was a blue figure, but his ladder was not similarly lacking. Beneath, the phrase "someone has to work harder" clamored in red and blue sharpie marker.

An open letter to big loser Club Penguin executives

Dear Club Penguin, This is BigFlippers306, a long-time player of your game. I was just informed by a colleague of mine about your plans to shut down Club Penguin next month. This is a huge mistake, and quite simply the worst thing to happen to anyone anywhere.

Spring Break Tips

How to be happy, healthy and safe this Spring Break.

Who To Support?

Election season is upon us, and it may seem that everyone you know has already decided who they want to support. Look left, you'll see Bernie Sanders fans demonstrating their endorsement by buying laptop stickers and nursing their third-degree Berns. Turn right, and Donald Trump enthusiasts are polishing their campaign buttons and shotguns.