Anna Farley


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Grew up in Plymouth, went to University in Aberystwyth and studied English with Creative Writing. Spent 18 months freelancing as a proof reader and now looking to make a career for myself where I get to write my own things, as well as proofing for others.

Interning at Plymouth Herald, writing and performing poetry in my free time. Out there to prove myself.

This young entrepreneur might just have the best job in the world

An animal lover has turned her passion for pooches into a career - by setting up a dog walking business. Julia Brown, who has just turned 22, officially welcomed her first customer at Paws Outdoors earlier this year and her furry client base has been growing ever since.

The pubs that will be open in Plymouth on Christmas Day 2017

Fancy a pint at your local on Christmas Day and a festive catch-up with your neighbours? Or maybe you can't face the turkey this year and would much rather have the pub take care of you? Well, you can find out which pubs are open this Christmas Day in Plymouth thanks to our handy guide below.

People love the other fried chicken restaurant in Plymouth

While a large number of people are upset about KFC's recent closure, one business is hoping to cash in on the Colonel's crisis. Pop-In Chicken, based in Albert Road, is Plymouth's most ordered takeaway on Just Eat with more than 3,000 reviews and its own slick-looking app.

Mini ghost town will help turn Tavistock Road into a dual carriageway

It's a road thousands of Plymouth drivers are stuck on everyday, in lengthy traffic jams to and from work. Frustrated motorists spend hours and hours every week on Tavistock Road, keeping a watchful eye on their petrol light - and blood pressure levels - as they make the journey between the Toby Carvery restaurant and Woolwell Roundabout.

Are rats still running around in Plymouth city centre?

A programme to rid the city centre of a rat infestation has reportedly worked. A swarm of the rodents were spotted scurrying around Armada Way at the end of last month, with one mother claiming she could see about 30 of them at once.

Man forced to live in Land Rover after dying twice is back in hospital

A builder reduced to living in his truck after being brought back to life is back in hospital. Paul Rayner appeared in the Herald only a couple of weeks ago when it emerged he'd been living in his Land Rover since his first heart attack back in December.

Parents clash with council over proposed new village hall

Residents and councillors have clashed in a village near Plymouth over plans to demolish the park there - and build a village hall in its place. Nearly 200 villagers in Ermington, on the outskirts of Ivybridge, have signed a petition protesting against the parish council's proposals, which would see the existing play area and skate park flattened.

Kind-hearted sisters' have been spreading good vibes

Two sisters have been spreading love and positive vibes around Plymouth. Kind-hearted Jennifer Brunt, 23, and her little sister Ellie, 12, have left 25 'kind notes' around the city centre over the last 24 hours in an incredible series of random acts of kindness.

Woman who bought Plymouth's quirkiest new-build fears she could be kicked out

A devastated homeowner fears she might be "hoofed out" of her new house to make way for a dual carriageway. Wendy Gibson, 54, moved into The Clock House on Tavistock Road 14 months ago - but fears she'll have to give up her dream home, so the council can widen the route between the Toby Carvery and Woolwell Roundabout, in an effort to slash congestion.

Save BIG money on your council tax - in six easy steps

Is your new council tax bill giving you a headache? Some people have won back thousands of pounds back from their local council with this ten-minute trick. Plymouth households are facing up to a 4.5 per cent rise in their tax bills after the council rubber-stamped its latest budget for the year ahead.