Anna Chazelle

Writer, Editor and Marketing Strategist

Location icon United States of America

Highly experienced writer, copyeditor, and virtual assistant with an emphasis in film, theatre, and production. I have worked as a content creator and marketing strategist for multiple production companies, actors, and artistic endeavors, both budding and established. In addition, my professional experience also includes legal service teams, lifestyle publications, real estate professionals, and in many other industries.


DIY and Culinary

DIY Wood Crate Bike Basket

Riding your bike through the warm rays of the sun and cool shade of the leaves has to be one of the simplest pleasures in life. Pimp out your bike with this shabby chic crate basket - toss in your purse, picnic lunch, or those freshly-cut hydrangeas while pedaling home from the farmer's market.

Curried chickpea burger | Vegan Eats

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just looking to switch things up, this truly delicious meat-free burger is exactly what you need to add a little excitement to your recipe rotation. Bursting with flavour, the chickpea-based dish from Liv B of Liv's Healthy Life packs a curry-spiced kick, and is hearty enough to keep you full for hours.

DIY Sheer Tulle Festival Skirt | Sew Boss

A gauzy tulle skirt laid over a pencil A-line skirt, or some relaxed jean shorts, is such a daring unique way to spice up an ensemble. This skirt is so easily made, once you get one down, you'll want to whip one up in every colour.

Theatrical Reviews

Exeunt Magazine
The Killer - Exeunt Magazine

Eugene Ionesco's theatre of absurdity features characters of gargantuan extremes. The Killer seems a slow-moving anomaly when compared to Ionesco's more abstruse plays, such as The Bald Soprano or The Lesson. But with proper direction, an unhurried running time, and a patient audience, The Killer can be a powerful piece.

Exeunt Magazine
My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer - Exeunt Magazine

Two no-nonsense prairie sisters, a prized pick-up truck, and one hell of an indestructible sheep: the combined efforts of playwright Brian Watkins and the two actresses, Katherine Folk-Sullivan and Layla Khoshnoudi in My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer, evoke the friction of isolated country life, the open plains only exacerbating the claustrophobia.

Exeunt Magazine
False Solution - Exeunt Magazine

Being an architect is daunting. You are saddled with the task of building the way we perceive the world. According to Oren Safdie's new play False Solution, now playing at LaMama's a world of artistic frustration, manipulation, and seduction.

Web Design

Acme Theater Productions
Acme Theater Productions

Acme Theater Productions is a non-profit community theater group that offers high quality productions to the public at an affordable price.