Anna Bradley-Smith

Reporter/Digital Video Producer

Award-winning Kiwi journalist writing from Brooklyn, New York.

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Coronavirus Diaries: Scenes From a Restaurant That Just Fired Its Entire Staff

What Everyday Life Is Like This Week in Costa Rica, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and More Coronavirus Diaries: I Gave Birth Three Weeks Ago Coronavirus Diaries: The Guys Are Wild on Grindr Right Now Coronavirus Diaries: I'm a Bus Driver in Seattle, but No One's Riding Coronavirus Diaries is a series of dispatches exploring how the coronavirus is affecting people's lives.

Laid-Off Restaurant Workers Are Helping Each Other When No One Else Will

It's a sunny afternoon in Brooklyn and staff at the L.A.-style pastel-hued restaurant Gertie are getting busy for a rush, preparing to hand out free meals and supplies to restaurant workers like themselves who recently lost their jobs as their industry all but disintegrated.

BK Reader
This Iconic Brooklyn Cafe is Feeding Healthcare Workers on the...

The owner of the iconic Fulton Street restaurant, bar and cafe, Brooklyn Moon, has watched his community go through many things over his 25 years behind Brooklyn restaurant Brooklyn Moon is cooking meals for the Borough's hospitals fighting Coronavirus

The Companies Supporting The Fight Against Covid-19 | The Org

No matter size or location, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry. As businesses lay off workers, healthcare professionals struggle to access urgent equipment and politicians grapple with economic shutdowns and social tolls, companies across the globe are stepping up to help those on the frontline of the fight against the deadly virus.

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Ten Local Brooklyn Mask Makers You Definitely Should Know About...

Brooklyn residents have shown their creativity and resilience once again, adapting to the requirement to wear face masks by getting behind their sewing machines and making them for each other. Businesses and individuals from across the borough are crafting an array of designs with different fabrics and structures to give us a range of choices.

BK Reader
Outdoor Fridges Are Being Filled with Free Food For Brooklyn...

Curbside fridges full of free food are being set up around Brooklyn by residents determined to make sure their neighbors do not go hungry! Currently, Fridges with free food in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy have been set up by volunteers for Brooklyn residents in need of a healthy meal.

BK Reader
Lawmakers Monitoring Crown Heights Nursing Home After Allegations...

The bodies of eight elderly residents were left for days before being collected from a Crown Heights nursing home, staff told activist and assembly Brooklyn lawmakers have asked the Governor take control of the Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, after multiple reports of...

BK Reader
With Citywide School Closures, Brooklyn Parents Are Navigating a...

If home isolation has taught 7-year-old Miles George one thing, it's that the unemployment office is nearly impossible to reach on the phone. "We've made it a game," laughed Miles's mom Nicole George from their Flatbush home. "I was like ... if you keep calling them and you get through' I'll give you $20.

Coronavirus: New York all but shut down

Landing at JFK just a fortnight ago I was preparing myself for a shift at the restaurant I work in part-time that evening. The sun was out, and so were the people, drinking wine and making the most of the pre-spring weather. I made good money that night and boy did I take it for granted.

BK Reader
Unaffordable NYC: The Rising Cost of Calling New York City Home

More than 8 million of us call New York City home, and there's one truth we all know: This city isn't cheap! The cost of living continues to rise year after year. And while the number of luxury high-rises continues to grow, so does the number of homeless residents.

BK Reader
Unaffordable NYC: What Are the City's Elected Officials Doing...

More than 8 million of us call New York City home, and there's one truth we all know: This city isn't cheap! The cost of living continues to rise year after year. And while the number of luxury high-rises continues to grow, so does the number of homeless residents.

Eat your greens: Micropod is making microgreens easy

Water once and walk away is the secret to growing successful microgreens thanks to Auckland startup Micropod. The team behind Micropod has crafted seed mats for a range of nutrient-dense ...

Kiwi Quinoa: taking the super food to the masses

Don't forget to enter our Transfarmation competition with Sprout Accelerator here. Extended until 14th November. Dan and Jacqui Cottrell are the couple behind Kiwi Quinoa, the first brand to bring ...

Bushwick Daily
Bodeguita Hosts Diverse Comedy Show with a Bushwick Voice

One of Brooklyn's best new comedy shows is bringing top-class comedians to Bushwick's doorstep each Thursday night for free. Stand-up comedian Chris Kazimi started weekly stand-up show "Easy Listening Comedy" to give a home for high quality comedy with a Bushwick voice.

The Brooklyn Reader
Showing the stories of life after prison

It can be painful; it can be hard to look at. It can be beautifully human. Truthworker Theatre Company's latest production RE:VISION | A State of Emergence will move you the whole way through.

The Brooklyn Reader
NYC students use drama to tackle truancy

More than 200,000 NYC public school students - roughly 1 out of 5 - were chronically absent last year, a statistic one drama teacher is trying to turn around using her art.

Neighbour tried to save person killed in caravan explosion

A caravan "exploded" killing a person inside, as a neighbour tried to raise the alarm. The fatal fire tore through the caravan at the Club Waimea Caravan Park near Richmond, near Nelson about 8pm Saturday. Police have confirmed a person was killed, but have not released any details around their identity.

Starting team for branding's big league

Red Cactus works in international markets with some of the world's most well-known brands including KFC and Wrigley's. The two founders were working as senior designers at large firms 20 years ago when they had the vision for the speciality agency.

Slow and steady? Not in this game

They call it the 81 rule - 19 percent talk, 81 percent action. Most agencies will do the opposite, spending most of their time on talking and ideation, the partners say, but at EightyOne they've flipped the script.

Coworking and the innovation ecosystem

When Brett O'Riley returned to New Zealand from working abroad in the late-noughties, he saw untapped potential. "Auckland didn't have a hub of innovation, and particularly didn't have a showcase."

A night to be brave

India is a country filled with colour and light, but like everywhere - there are shadows. Anna Bradley-Smith tells about being caught in the dark.

Finding the crema of the coffee crop

The art of home coffee-making took a competitive turn last weekend when Wellingtonians vied for the title of best home barista at Caffe L'affare.

Cook Strait News
Fire victims seek action

Fire victims lobby local MP for urgent inquiry into Kilbirnie fire, seeking tighter regulations and greater accountability.

Try, try and try again

Think back. There's a stack of papers on the table at the front of the room, your name is on one of them and beside it there's a single letter. You're expecting three simple lines etched in red into an F, you're ready.

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Back to sea level for swimmer

World record holder Samantha Lee returns to Wellington after high altitude camp in the United States.

The Wireless
Fin to a barbaric practice

More than 100 million sharks are killed for their fins every year, and more than 30 per cent of species are threatened or near-threatened by extinction - figures that Taylor Finderup, 15, can recount instantly.

Is it time to ban rodeos?

The death of a bull at the Richmond Rodeo has added fuel to a petition to ban rodeo in New Zealand.

Harsh highway's heavy toll

There have been two fatal crashes and 11 serious injury crashes on State Highway 6 between Hira and Rai Valley over the past five years. Anna Bradley-Smith looks at the issues.

Brain dead: The elusive cure for brain disease

Since the mid-1990s there has been a decline in the number of new drugs registered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is despite the industry more than tripling its expenditure from US$15.2 billion in 1995 to US$51.1 billion in 2013.

Ready to lead the charge

Keegan Phipps, Elaine Ang and Taylah Shuker have three clear things in common - they're young, they're ambitious, and they're ready to lead.

Anxious wait for Adelaide

Wakefield toddler Adelaide Ketel has big blue eyes and a smile of the most infectious kind, and sitting between the two she has a feeding tube permanently taped across her cheek running into her nose.

The roles of their lives

A couple who moved to Nelson to spread their creativity and start a local theatre company have been crowned Nelsonians of the Year for their contribution to the arts.

Nelson and Christchurch go head-to-head in tournament for disabled youth

His cricket team call him golden arm because of his killer bowl, but when Alfie Linn stepped on the pitch he bent the ball like Beckham. Although 13-year-old Alfie, who has down syndrome, has been out of the game for three years after his old club team got a bit too competitive, the drive to hit the back of the net returned in a flash.

Close the nose and open the eyes

When people say India is in your face, they aren't joking. The pollution, rubbish, excrement and delicious spices get up your nose. The tooting, shouting, music, calls to prayer and constant chattering permeate your ear drums. The extremes of poverty and wealth, colour, dirt and people spread as far as the eye can see, and all of those combine to leave some of the best and worst tastes on the tip of your tongue.

Lomu's death the world's loss

Jonah Lomu was his idol, someone who got him hooked on the game from the start, and his first room mate when he became an All Black.

Adams doesn't play ball

NBA star Steven Adams failed to show for a planned visit at secondary school leaving students "very, very disappointed".

Fluoridation is number one priority - DHB

A three-year-old's 11 rotten teeth sat in a jar on a Nelson City Council table as health board members presented their argument to fluoridate Nelson's water supply.