I am an ambitious recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with both a Bachelors of Arts degree in Media Studies and Communication Studies.

I have a demonstrated history of working in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. My skills include: Communication, Public Speaking, Media Relations, Writing, and Leadership.
I have written full newscasts, screenplays, directed and produced segments and have been afforded the opportunity to be in them. I have continually been sharpening my skills by coming up with loglines and turning them into real-life scripts.
The classes I've taken has helped me focus and direct my writing into something I can one day see on my television screen.
My strong entrepreneurship skills and creative mindset has propelled me to receive my MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman University.

Meet Anissa Morgan

Today we'd like to introduce you to Anissa Morgan. Anissa, before we jump into specific questions, why don't you give us some details about you and your story. My family reunions run the entire color spectrum. It's a beautiful melting pot of everything. We have blue collar, white collar, brown collar and no-collar relatives all [...]

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A Group of Triad College Students Are Working to End Hunger One Plate at a Time

Wake Forest University college students make an effort to end the food desert problem in the Triad. Games like Bingo help visitors pass the time at SECU Family House in Winston-Salem. The nonprofit organization provides affordable housing for adult patients and their caregivers who travel to Winston-Salem for medical treatment.

88.5 WFDD
The Power of Service: Inspiring Winston-Salem One Song at a Time

A group of young performers from around the world are using their musical talents to help some people in the Triad who are facing major life challenges. The Performing Arts Project is a non-profit formed by a group of educators and entertainment industry professionals to help prepare the next generation of performers for careers on Broadway.

88.5 WFDD
Triad Non-Profit Helps Teen Dream Big

Youngsters get support, encouragement and learn to overcome. The Ken Carlson Boys and Girls Club is in Winston-Salem. People here work with children from all economic backgrounds in developing their skills and nurturing their belief that they can do anything they want.On this afternoon, its lunch time.