Ankush Tandon

Technical Content Writer/ SEO analyst

Location icon India

Planned, wrote, and edited operational and instructional manuals, as well as maintenance and test procedures, for paper- and Web-based publications.
Documented engineering processes and specifications for software development lifecycle, product delivery, and product and patch releases.
Wrote, edited, and formatted corporate annual reports and white papers.

Latest GTA 6 update brings good news for gamers ~ Hiptoro

The good news for all gamers as per the reports of GTA 6 has revealed the latest version of gaming this week. Rockstar will cover multiple modernized features of fans that really deliver somewhat pioneering relevant to GTA title. Let's get cracking at what this version is set to offer the gaming community.

Borderland 3 : Trailer, Editions, Release Date and New Features ~ Hiptoro

Good news for gamers! After waiting for so many years Borderland 3 is going to release on 13th September 2019. It lets us take up the role as one of the four-treasure seeking Vault Hunters to figure out this. Moreover, this Epic game is going to be available in stores for the next six months.

Sony PS5 : Reddit leak, news, specification and all the latest updates ~ Hiptoro

Sony PS5 is finally going to be released in the mid of 2020. Moreover, the list of leaked specifications has materialized online with a notable exception. As per the leak, Sony has hinted about a successor along with the VR headset. We have just the news about the latest speculation for Sony's next-generation console.

Whatsapp Security Breach Affects Human Right Groups! ~ Hiptoro

On Tuesday, Whatsapp declared a security breach on the messaging app and after this news, the government started using surveillance technology through a private company. Furthermore, Whatsapp security breach can also target Human Rights Groups. The messaging app is already a part of Facebook and is used by millions of people across the sphere.

Lightning Speed Dating tips: Your journey to finding your soulmate

It's entirely understandable if you ended up hugging your crush or date "too tight" if you got the chance. But if you thought this is an attractive impression... well, we beg to differ. Maintain some distance from your date and look them in the eye.

Things to Do in Kerala-Experiences in Kerala

Kerala, absolutely deserves to be named God's Own Country. Owing to the unforgettable experiences of Kerala, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and not just India. Lush hills of the Western Ghats, scenic beaches along the Arabian Sea, backwaters as far as the eye can see, breathtaking wildlife sanctuaries, to the age-old traditional Ayurveda centers, there is a lot to enjoy in Kerala.