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UC Santa Cruz Literature program graduate with a passion for writing and imaginative expression

Knowing When To Cut Your Own Bangs

You might be wondering about the best time to do a DIY bang trim. As someone who has been successfully cutting her own bangs since high school, here is a primer. Disclosure : " Success" means different things to different people. In this context, it means that hair was successfully made shorter in the forehead region of the head.

Cherry Balm Dotcom

I love you guys, and that's why I traveled all the way to New York City's Glossier Showroom this February to buy some swell products to review for my readers. The product of the day is called Cherry Balm Dotcom.

Cushion Lips: Not Much of a Review

Hello. Today I will be reviewing two darling Korean beauty products I bought from the store Urban Outfitters. I use the term "review" loosely, for what I really should call it is a Cautionary Tale.

Lipstick Queen Rouge Sinner: A Short* and Savory** Review

Have you heard of Red Lipstick? It is a color of lipstick that people wear! You probably have your own feelings about red lipstick, or maybe you don't. But if you've ever opened a female-centric magazine designed to destroy your self-esteem and turn you into a buying machine, you've probably heard about the power of a Red Lip.