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Anita Ayela

Writer,Editer& Blogger

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Dedicated and reader-focused passionate writer and editor, with the ability to wear many hats at the same time and customize the language, style and semantics according to individual needs. Experience in Instructional design, online course development, and Technical Writing, readily bridging technical and educational domains to advance project goals.


Technical Writing

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The Huffington Post
A New Girl on the Block!

After spending almost three cool decades of your life in India, moving gear to a totally new country like the USA is sure a change of a lifetime! In addition, if you are struck in the face with a cultural shock, it is all the more difficult to cope up with the transition.

Acid Attack on Girls

'A café in Agra hires only Acid Victims'-A post on Facebook and 23,000 likes and 13,000 shares for that. That infuriated me! Actually, 'infuriated' is a very mild word for what I am feeling right now. It is a big hatred towards the world that I have boiling inside of me!

Life in the USA
Hug me, Grandma! - Life in the USA

Reading one article on Mashable today set me thinking. It was about kids hugging adults, in this case, a great grandma. The author was ok with her kid not hugging the 90-year-old great grandma because "she looks like a witch". Aren't all grandmas and great grand moms an epitome of love and affection, and also delicacies-cooking experts?!

Discover True North
The 'Art' of Living! - Discover True North

City life is crowded and busy. Bangalore or Bengaluru in India is one such place . The last time I visited Bengaluru, I found a fantastic place to visit! The art of living campus! The place was 'Peace' personified and I'm not exaggerating!

Discover True North
Water, Water, Everywhere! - Discover True North

Whenever you go to the beach or see any brook, waterfall or even a stream, the child in you pushes you forward to splash water and get yourself wet. Sometimes, you scare yourself when on a beach as you just want to feel free and walk into the water, deep into it.

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Business Article

Everybody who wants to start a business knows that getting business loans is like going to the moon! Venture Capital application success rate is below 1% and the guarantee that you would get the funding for sure is another 2%. That is the reason that these days crowd funding is another way to get investments for your company.

Travel Blog

Dallas, in Texas, was founded along the Trinity River. The city's prominence is because of it being a center for the oil and cotton industries. Dallas is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies including Exxon Mobile. The good weather, the jobs in abundance and the low cost of living are good reasons for people to migrate to Dallas.

Articulate Articles

"If it is your last day on Earth, what would you do?"Rosy asked. "Well, I would first update my Facebook status as 'about to die'", Susan replied. Bad joke, but true. Such, is the addiction people have today towards social networking sites like the Facebook.

My Personal Blogs/Creative Writing

Life in the USA
Miles to Go Before I Sleep! - Life in the USA

"Age is not measured by the number of candles on a cake but by the good moments you have spent so far "- a saying I read long ago, but it seems so true when one is growing old or rather growing young! Yes, I suddenly felt very young today!

Life in the USA
Finding Our Feet... - Life in the USA

'Miss America is an Indian!!' An unusual joy filled my mind when I learnt that Miss America 2014 is an Indian. When I heard her last name, I felt immense joy that she is from Andhra Pradesh. How does it make a difference to me?


The fragrance of the brewing of the coffee filled the air. Francis took a deep breath of the smell as he got up to fill his second cup of black coffee. It just took him one and half months to get addicted to black coffee. He looked out the full wall glass window.

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