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Anisha Dias Bandaranaike

Freelance Writer

Location icon Sri Lanka

I write to find stability, to sort through thoughts and words. I write to represent. I write to find order, to understand the world.

Don't Make Waves

I was walking into Faunce, planning to get a sandwich from the Blue Room, when a student approached me, "Excuse me, would you like to fill out a survey for the BDH?" "Sure, why not," I replied, and was handed a clipboard with a piece of paper on it.


This past summer, I got LASIK surgery. The procedure took about twenty minutes the laser part taking fifteen seconds per eye. The doctors clamp open your eye, numb it, clean it, use an expensive machine to very precisely cut into your cornea with heat, spread some medicine on, and then move on to the next ...

Casey Shearer Memorial Award
Telescoping Series

Recipient of the Casey Shearer Memorial Award, Second Place

Brown International Writers' Blog
Wait For It

On Wednesday, March 30, I wait in line for fourteen hours, with no guarantee, to score tickets to . My friend, Bee, and I wake up at 5:30am, silently moving around each other to perform our morning ablutions, too tired to put on any makeup.

Brown International Writers' Blog
A Journey from Preconceptions to President

By Anisha Dias Bandaranaike '17 Way before I came to college, in middle school, and then later, high school, everything I knew about college in the US came from TV and movies. All I envisioned were crazy parties, usually frat parties.

growing up

As my final year gets into gear, I have been pulled into a sense of nostalgia for the last three years. It's true I have a quarter of my time here at Brown left to go, but it feels like this year is going faster than the previous three, and I don't quite know how ...

Care Systems
7 Tips for Efficient Staff Scheduling

It is an oft-cited statement in business that to keep an organization's employees happy there are two things managers should never get wrong: schedules and paychecks. Efficient staff scheduling is the bedrock of employee satisfaction and leads to higher productivity, lower turnover, and improved staff loyalty. With this in

La Douleur Exquise

An excerpt from Exulansis, my honors thesis. One of a collection of short stories based on difficult to translate words.

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