Anisah Audu-Evans

Managing Editor

United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Anisah.

I specialise in content; whether that's writing for brands or covering food, drink, travel and lifestyle, from restaurant news to hotel reviews and beyond.

My current role is Managing Editor at DesignMyNight. This includes driving growth for over 20 sites, assigning features, allocating marketing for clients, sub-editing a team of writers and editors, assisting with weekly newsletter campaigns and creating external marketing content.

In my free time, you'll find me blogging at and contributing to the likes of Destination Deluxe and Westfield London.

After social media consulting, fabulous content or luxury travel news? Get in touch: [email protected]


Trends & Roundups

From Nigeria To Somalia: Essential African Restaurants In London

As the world's second-largest continent, Africa is a hub of cultures. And over the years, tastes of the diaspora have made their way to our little isle. Fried plantain topped with raspberry dust? Spiced biltong? The fight over which country makes the best jollof rice? You name it, we've had it.

Swim, Snack & Stay: Best Hotels With Pools In London

Thought hotels were just for snoozing? Think again. From Shoreditch to Shepherd's Bush and everywhere in between, London's sleepover scene is filled with multi-faceted facilities that can cater to your every need. Underground swimming in the West End? Cheap rooms with luxury restaurants? Boutique hotels with pamper-friendly spas?

Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Reviews

Inside The Turkish-Influenced Mayfair Restaurant That's Hiding A Plush Bar

Lousy weather and germophobia got you stuck indoors? Blistering winds and sporadic showers certainly had me wanting to stay inside during winter. For some, that means a whole load of time spent on Netflix; bingeing on Love Is Blind and getting lost in The Stranger. For my fiancé Josh?

Dinner With A View: Has Duck & Waffle Still Got It?

There are some things so synonymous with London that I just can't imagine the city without them. We're talking double-decker buses drifting past Big Ben; Insta-hoardes snapping photos of Annabels' floral frontage; wintertime ice skating at the Natural History Museum. And in the legendary restaurant stakes, few are as iconic as Duck & Waffle .

Travel Guides

London Girl Munches
Travel Diaries: 3 Essential Things To Do In Chamonix

When it comes to beautiful places to ski, Chamonix is up there. Famous for being home to Mont Blanc and a top ski destination, I headed to the Alpine region for a little end of season skiing, spa + snacking. Here's my guide to the essential things to do in Chamonix.

Private Pods: 5 Stunning Pop-Up Igloos in Sydney

Incredible rooftop terraces; beachfront bars with swimming pools; jaw-dropping brunch spots... Sydney's dining scene is so iconic that it's known all across the world. But did you know that New South Wales is also home to some of Australia's coolest dining pods?