Angelica Florio

Freelance Writer

United States of America

Recent college graduate from Colorado College '15 with a B.A. in English Literature. Currently located in New York City, wishing to work as a freelancer for various publications.


Published Interviews and Articles

INTERVIEW: Lizz Winstead Has Superpowers

Lizz Winstead is well known for her legendary standup and sharp political satire -- she co-created The Daily Show for God's sake -- but in 2012 she turned her attention to a new project: Lady Parts Justice League, a nonprofit organization and production company focusing on women's reproductive rights.

The Real Housewives of My Psyche

Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes) - Walt Whitman I open with this cliche Whitman stanza because, well, sometimes I'm cliche - though I desperately try not to be. And my cliche, or 'basic,' interests are frequently at odds with my dedication to feminism.

Gilbert Gottfried Embraces Podcasting

During his almost 40-year career, Gilbert Gottfried has done standup, SNL, sitcoms, movies, roasts, a book, and voiceovers. Just when we'd thought we'd heard everything we could from the rambunctiously loud comedian, he added another role to his list: podcast host. Gottfried and his co-host, Frank Santopadre, release interviews and mini-episodes of Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing [...]

Candy Crush Could Be Giving You Cavities

Why your child's video games are giving them a sweet tooth The debate over whether or not video games are harmful for children has gone on for years, spanning across parenting blogs, magazines, and chat-rooms worldwide. In recent years, Jane McGonigal extensively researched the topic for her book, SuperBetter , and discovered that video gaming offers many positive benefits for both adults and children.

Amazon is Partnering with Other Networks to Take on Netflix And It's Working ... For Now

Netflix's Golden Globes coup might not change everything after all You know when you go online to watch a certain TV show, but then you realize that the show you wanted was actually on a different site, so you go to another site - only to realize that the show you wanted to watch is now on that other site that you don't have a subscription to?

Hate Holiday Parties? Here's Why You Should Host One.

How to survive the holiday season as an introvert. Oh, the holiday season: it brings us tidings of comfort and joy, eggnog, mistletoe - and a stream of parties. Work parties, friend parties, family parties... the odds that your weekend will, at some point, involve a crowded room filled with drinking revelers in itchy sweaters are very high.

How Christmas Movies Swap Gender Narratives

'Tis the Season for Men to Prove Themselves as Dads Christmas movies present a rare film trope, one that is hereto forth christened, dad shaming. What is dad shaming? It's the guilt trip singularly featured in Christmas, the transferring of the mom treatment to dads.

If You Can't Remember How You Got to This Article, You Need to Read It

This is your brain on the internet Apple's now-classic 1984 Super Bowl ad introduced the Macintosh computer to the world with a bold, revolutionary flourish. Evoking Cold War rhetoric, and explicitly referencing George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984 - "On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh.

6 Unconventional Resolutions You Can Really Follow

Leave your gym shoes in the closet and try these approaches instead. This January, like countless ones before it, people all around the world will vow to improve their lives through a by-now classic set of resolutions. Lose weight, spend less money, and quit smoking are among the usual suspects (for the top 10 New Year's resolutions, click here).


From College Publications:

The Sexualization of Meat

by Angelica Florio, guest writer When my visiting relatives said they wanted to go to a new British-style restaurant in my town, which describes itself as "meat centric," I was apprehensive. The feeling of masticating an animal between my canines always felt a bit off to me.

Home Is Where The Malls Are

by Angelica Florio, guest writer It all started with a giant red "W." I'm sure that you've seen similar giant "W"s, as it is the symbol of the omnipresent "W" hotel chain cropping up all over the world. A hotel is one of the least intimate places to go, given that transience is its purpose (be it for travel or secrecy).

Beyond the Books
"Before I Die" wall unveiled in Kogan Plaza

"Before I die I want to..." These six words now line the construction wall in Kogan Plaza, prompting students to adorn the wall in chalk with messages of their future hopes and aspirations. Part of the larger "Before I Die" campaign spearheaded by New Orleans-based artist Candy Chang, who attended today's unveiling, the wall itself had been a dream of sophomore Brian Doyle.