Angela Hammond Denny

Freelance Copywriter | Marketing Writer | Fiction Writer

United States

I believe words matter. I spent over nine years with Mid-West Family Marketing. There, I developed and wrote marketing campaigns for local business owners. Those campaigns still help clients grow their businesses today.

I started Pages & Pie Publishing in 2020. I've published thirteen books (six of them are mine) in the past three years. I’ve expanded to Pages & Pie Marketing Writing where my primary role is a Copywriter, Marketing Writer, and Brand Strategist.


Advertorial Writing

Marketing Writing

Mid-West Family Broadcast Radio Stations
Strategic Marketing Writing

Here are two sample branding campaigns with a few of the ads I ran. You'll notice the campaigns are from extremely different industries with different problems to solve. Stories like these with strategic positioning can be broken down and run across multiple media according to best practices. These campaigns just happen to have been written specifically for radio broadcast. 

Publishing House, Media Outlets, Books
PR & Media Writing

Pitch Writing | Press Releases | Book Back Cover Copy

Email Newsletter | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram
Addison Michael Books Social Media Campaign

These are all elements of the Addison Michael thriller book brand. We have a strategy, a newsletter, and social media plan. We advertise primarily utilizing Facebook Ads.

Email Marketing Campaign
Car Mobility Client

Written for an email funnel designed to test multiple calls to action.

Linked In, NRF Magazine, and LPM Magazine
Social Media and Magazine Ad Campaign

This ad campaign ran across multiple media with consistent messaging while speaking to two different target audiences.

Company Website Blog
Technical Blog

Security in the Cloud

Instagram and Facebook
Addison Michael Books Social Media Campaign

This was a short campaign to bring awareness that all of the "Mynart Mystery Thriller" series books are available in Audible. It was a set up for a surprise announcement that there will be a book 5 coming soon and the cover reveal was on its way.

Website Writing, Editing, and Keyword Optimization

Travel Writing Mom
Michigan in the Fall

Michigan in the fall is beautiful. Actually, this is an understatement. Michigan in the fall is stunning. There's something special about the way the trees line the road as you're driving to your next adventure. Tall trees zoom by waving yellow, orange, and deep auburn leaves as you go.

Addison Michael Books - Fiction Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The Other AJ Hartford

The Other AJ Hartford [Michael, Addison] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Other AJ Hartford

Pages & Pie Books - Editing, Formatting, and Publishing

Reflections by Bethany: Poetry, Prayers, and Laughter

Does your life feel empty? Is there a space nothing seems to fill? Bethany Goethe started writing poetry over twenty years ago to fill a void and find her way to a path of healing. The creativity of writing and putting words on a page became a process of looking within to experience God's healing...

From Maestro to Magnate: Second Edition

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate or managing properties? Sam Coryell shows you how it's done while sharing his own journey into the world of property development and management. Pay attention to his advice and avoid the pitfalls and problems that novices and veterans often enc...

What Did Your Babydoll Do Today?

What Did Your Babydoll Do Today? [Tutu, Tiffany, Designs, Chrisara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What Did Your Babydoll Do Today?