Aneesha Srinivasan

Freelance Writer and Sub-Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance writer, specialising in cultural and travel features and theatre and literary reviews.
Considerable experience in copy-editing.
BA Journalism, MA Literature.
Currently living and working in India, seeking work in London starting September 2016.

Helter Skelter Magazine
Helter Skelter | Pune's Theatre Connection

Helter Skelter is an online magazine specialising in cultural and art journalism, the writer worked for the magazine for two months and wrote four articles- features, interviews and reviews. <>

Helter Skelter Magazine
Helter Skelter | To Beer or Not to Beer

Adventures of Cheap Beer, a serialised podcast series, possesses a strange charm: it is a podcast that reminds you of all the conversations you might have had in college over cheap alcohol and chakna -and the friends that you had those conversations with.

Helter Skelter Magazine
Helter Skelter | The Meaning of a Woman

Catriona Mitchell's compilation of stories about, and more importantly, by Indian women is the book the world needs today, whether to allow those unfamiliar with India to gain some perspective on the lives of women in the country, or for Indians themselves to view their country in a clearer light.

Helter Skelter Magazine
Helter Skelter | Fest Foot Forward

I spent four days in Jaipur last month. It was my first time in the city-I'd always wanted to visit, but I made this trip with a very specific plan in mind. Instead of touring the forts and palaces, I confined myself to the resplendent Hotel Diggi Palace, which has hosted every edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival since it was started in 2006.
The City of Dreams |

It's been months since I stepped off a train and on to Mumbai station. As my train pulls into Victoria Terminus, I am confronted by the bustle of the pulsating crowds that swarm the station.

OutLoud Issue 3
Discovering the Diverse Delhi

Sub-Editor and Writer for issue 3 of OutLoud. Article on pp.28-29. The magazine was run by and for the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune, India

Ravings of a Know-It-All

"There are more things that frighten us than injure us... and we suffer more in imagination than in reality." Over the last two days, I re-read, after The book deals with issues that are far more complex than they're made to seem.

Pension Parishad
Pension Parishad Awareness Brochure

This brochure was designed and written to be distributed at walks and rallies for awareness for the Non-Profit Organisation, Pension Parishad. <>

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