Aneesha Rai

Content & Online PR Manager

United Arab Emirates

Aneesha has over 10 years of experience in content writing, strategy & development for both online and offline media (especially pertaining to luxury lifestyle)
She enjoys the creation, curation, & the deployment of digital & social media to deliver a consistent brand message and developing communities. She specialises in the development of meaningful articles with an SEO focus and clear call to action. She also is capable of delivering online and offline public relations & link building strategies. This includes crafting the right press releases in the right voice as well as developing innovative ways to spread newsworthy stories. Proficient with inbound marketing strategies using Mailchimp and Hootsuite. She has also launched a podcast.

The Private Collection 2018 Edition

The Private Collection is LUXHABITAT's flagship annual publication that highlights our high-end portfolio, design picks, things to covet, & everything in between.

Are you up for a lie detection test?

Social media is turning us into liars and braggarts. Where do you stand? I am an avid social media user. I am also a millennial (but let's tackle that another time). I embraced new social media platforms much like the rest of the world - with outright denial, followed by a hint of reluctance, which then turned into mockery of those 'poor online addicts'.

How can we minimise food wastage during iftar?

Ramadan in the UAE really has a different kind of feel. Dubai, in general, gets a lot more laidback and it feels like a time of reflection. Having grown up here, being part of iftars along with my Muslim colleagues and friends is second nature during Ramadan.

Is social media changing the way we eat?

Janice Rodrigues delves into the world of Insta-gratification and online food obsession A few years ago, The Spectator ran a cartoon that summed it all up: a harried-looking waiter asking a dining couple if everything was okay - since they hadn't photographed their food.

How much should age define a person?

Does age guarantee respect? Or is it character that matters? Are ageing parents expected to care for themselves? What about in the workforce, does age affect ability? This week, we asked readers to share their views on the dynamics of old age in society, family, and the workplace.

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We show you 5 simple ways to exfoliate your way out of this weather to achieve rejuvenated skin. These smart ways will help you avoid the viruses that attack in full force during the monsoons.

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The Cheyenne Frontier Days boasts to be one of the biggest outdoor rodeo shows in America. Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming this rodeo show features country music acts, Native American villages, and everything you would typically expect from the Wild, Wild, West! Come visit 'The Daddy of 'Em All, which...