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The Sierra Vista Herald
Get up, get moving

SIERRA VISTA - The runners began gathering at Veterans' Memorial Park just after the sun rose Saturday morning, stretching and warming up before taking to the course in the first-ever "SV5000" 5k run, which marked the beginning of the second annual Thunder Mountain Games.

The Sierra Vista Herald
A tail-wagging good time

SIERRA VISTA - Children were laughing, tongues were hanging out and money was being raised for numerous charitable causes at the Animal Celebration at Veterans' Memorial Park on Saturday. The free celebration, which brought together many local groups from across southern Arizona, was a fun and food-filled event for participants walking on both two and four legs.

Green Valley News
Democratic candidates rally in Amado

Posted: Democrats gathered in Amado on Sunday to hear local and statewide candidates and to persuade those on the fence to lean their way. Several local clubs, including the Quail Creek Democratic Club, Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area and Arizona Borderlands Democrats, organized a meet and greet that attracted nearly every major and local Democratic candidate, as well as more than 200 constituents.

College expects probation to be lifted

Pima Community College may soon have probation lifted, but lack of evidence means monitoring will likely continue for years to come. The Higher Learning Commission, Pima's accrediting body, sent a fact-finding team last September to determine if deficiencies discovered during a 2013 visit had been remedied.

Green Valley News
A brief glimpse into their world

The facility, built more than 10 years ago to house adult detainees, has been taking in minors since May 31; today, there are 900 there. The children are held there until they are processed and then sent to be housed at one of three military bases in Texas, California or Oklahoma.

Green Valley News
Aid office helps Arivaca help others

For the past few years, some residents of Arivaca have been fighting a two-pronged attack to push back against increased Border Patrol activity while assisting immigrants coming through the surrounding desert. The community formed an aid group called "People Helping People" about four years ago, and for the past two years has operated a small humanitarian aid office along the main drag through the community.

Instructor transforms guitar love into music career

For as long as he can remember, guitars have fascinated Ben McCartney. "It was my preschool teacher that first made me want to get a guitar," McCartney said. Every time she pulled out her 12-string, he was captivated. McCartney's mother was a musician and played piano professionally when he was growing up.

Sahuarita Sun
Golf courses look bad, but manager says help on the way

But a course manager hired by owner Green Valley Golf Holdings says at least partial relief is weeks away, and that one of the courses will open Oct. 1. Getting people to believe that, however, might be more difficult than turning the brown grass green again.

Green Valley News
This is fun?! Sahuarita families love challenge of obstacle courses

Running for miles through mud, climbing 10-foot walls and swimming through icy pools topped with barbed wire may not sound like family fun, but for Eric Acuña and the rest of "Salsa Picante," nothing is more enjoyable. Acuña and the Salsa Picante team, made up of family and friends, compete in obstacle course competitions such as Tough Mudder and Spartan Race.

Sahuarita Sun
2014 Sahuarita Fishing Festival

There were fish to be caught, faces to be painted and lots of jumping in the bounce house at the 13th Annual Fishing Festival at Sahuarita Town Lake on June 7, 2014.

Chancellor asks students for input

By ANDREW PAXTON Since becoming chancellor of Pima Community College more than seven months ago, Lee Lambert has met with different constituencies. To ensure that he understands student concerns, Lambert will hold open-office hours at PCC campuses and facilities. The first visit took place Feb. 5 at West Campus.

Nogales International
Presidio uses slow summer season to assess its future

Throughout the settlement's storied history, it has experienced long periods of being uninhabited, the people often moving on when life there got too difficult or better opportunities arrived somewhere else. Even after the historic schoolhouse was built on the grounds of the presidio in 1885, the area was reported vacant by miners passing by just a year later.

Green Valley News
New Rosemont mine owner wants to dig by 2016

The Rosemont mining project has a new owner, which could spell trouble for those seeking to stop the project. HudBay Minerals Inc. and Augusta Resource Corporation, the company that owns the Rosemont site in the Santa Rita Mountains east of Green Valley, agreed Monday to a buyout deal worth about $555 million, after weeks of often-hostile negotiations.

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130,000 free joints from the feds: He'll talk about it Saturday - Rose Law Group Reporter - Your...

By Andrew Paxton | Green Valley News Irvin Rosenfeld figures he has smoked 130,000 marijuana cigarettes since 1982, all compliments of the federal government - and all legal. Rosenfeld, a 61-year-old stockbroker from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., suffers from a rare bone cancer and has been smoking joints provided under a now-defunct government medical program.

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