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Journalist/PR Specialist

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I am a writer currently based out of Dallas, Texas with experience in nonprofit PR and journalism. I write about development, Chinese business and public opinion, and immigrant experience in the US.

The Battalion
S. Koreans address northern tensions

As tensions between North Korea and the international community continue to escalate over an increasing number of missile tests conducted by the regime, South Korean students at Texas A&M are weighing in on what it's like to study in the U.S. during the international crisis.

The Battalion
Under one flag

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican students and staff at Texas A&M have struggled to contact their families, provide them with support and raise awareness and funds for the U.S. territory. Maria hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, causing massive devastation and nearly destroying the power grid that supplied electricity to the island.

The Battalion
Investing in Latino student population

Does where you attend high school determine whether you will attend college? Does where you attend college determine whether you will actually complete your degree? These are the questions Stella Flores of New York University discussed as related to Latino students at the event "Race, Income, Language and Wages: Does where you go to college matter (to Latinos) in Texas?"

The Battalion
Stocked with authenticity: a taste of home

Hidden from the view of most local shoppers is a bustling market where international students shop for what reminds them of home. BCS Asian Market is the largest international supermarket in the Bryan-College Station area. Located on the corner of Harvey Mitchell and Texas, the humble BCS Asian Market fills a void for many in the international community.

The Beijinger
Instant LA: The Best of China's Self-Heating Hotpots

You may not have heard, but there has been a momentous development in the world of instant food. Instant noodles have encountered a seriously bulky competitor in the battle for China’s go-to mobile meals.

The Battalion
College Station's unique Shell gas station

What can't be seen from the outside of the Shell Gas Station across from the Mitchell Physics Building is the small corridor that winds to the back, lined with shelves of snacks and spices that many Texas A&M students consider indispensable.