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Andrew Stafford

Freelance Journalist

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Don't fall for the nostalgia about our Olympic past

Seven years have passed since the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. With this anniversary there has been an outpouring of derision surrounding the current state of the country, and a longing to see it return to what many see as glory filled days of unity.

Brexit: new leader, same old mistakes

The morning after the EU referendum of 2016, Nigel Farage, one of Brexit's main orchestrators, sat down in the Good Morning Britain studio. He proceeded to reveal to the nation that it was a mistake to promise that £350 million a week would be diverted to the NHS if the UK left the EU.

Britain needs a united Labour Party

Almost a decade of Tory rule has proved disastrous for the country. Inequality has risen dramatically, the amount of the working poor continues to increase and the NHS is a shadow of its former self. Alongside this, Britain is staring down the barrel of a catastrophic no-deal Brexit with its chief cheerleader becoming prime minister and forming a dangerous right-wing cabinet.

Left Foot Forward
Jeremy Hunt is no better than Boris Johnson

His ministerial record and campaign donations show why. Amidst the various hustings and garden parties on the Tory leadership campaign trail, Jeremy Hunt has developed a reputation as being the safe choice as opposed to the nuclear option of Boris Johnson.

Substance Media
Calls for Johnson to explain police visit intensify

Jeremy Hunt joins Tory colleagues to suggest that Johnson should be more transparent, saying his leadership rival "needs to show he can answer difficult questions." The pressure mounting on Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson continues to heighten as his leadership rival Jeremy Hunt joins a host of other senior party members calling for him to...

Substance Media
Article 50 Author Lambasts Tory Leadership Candidates

Lord Kerr, the author of article 50, has condemned the Tory Leadership candidates for making promises on Brexit that will they will find impossible to keep. The comments were made on Sunday and follow Boris Johnson taking a commanding lead over his rivals in the hotly contested bid for Tory leadership.

Zealot Script
Neukom Literary Arts Awards for Speculative Fiction 2019 Winners Announced

On June 4th, the winners of the latest installment of the Neukom Literary Arts Award were revealed. The award, which was established by the Computational Science Department at Dartmouth College, was founded in 2018 and features three categories. The Neukom Institute seeks to bestow honours upon any work of Speculative Fiction in its Open Category....

Betting Reporter
Has Donald Trump Cashed His Cheque? Betting on Impeachment and 2020 Re-election.

A Presidency that began on shaky ground has become increasingly turbulent to the point of crashing completely. Will Atkinson looks at betting markets to see how likely it is that Trump will remain in power and whether he is planing towards impeachment. The first two years of the Trump presidency...