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Andrew Manners

Editor, Global Risk Insights / Analyst, PRS Group

Location icon London, United Kingdom / Montpellier, France

Politics and economics analyst with more than six years’ experience in in-depth research, reporting and editing on Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA.

Proven track record of composing high-level bespoke articles and reports, with analysis featured in ABC News, ABC Radio National, Sky News, Brink News, Nine Finance, Rappler, Seeking Alpha, and AFKInsider.

Technically proficient in CMS Systems and Microsoft Office.

Future Directions International
What Fate for the EU-East African Free Trade Agreement?

After ongoing delays, Tanzania announced in July this year that it would not be signing the EPA, a free trade agreement between the EU and East African Community (EAC). As the January 2017 ratification deadline draws nearer, that stance has not changed, putting the trade accord at risk.

Global Risk Insights
South Africa's investment climate even riskier now

As the country's woes continue, a new investment framework may make things even more difficult for investors in South Africa. Considered a darling among investors in Sub-Saharan Africa not long ago, the fortunes of South Africa's economy have faded in the past 18 months, with slumping commodity prices and a slowdown in China dimming the hopes of even the most bullish investors.

Global Risk Insights
The return of the Lord's Resistance Army - GRI

A seemingly depleted force, the Lord's Resistance Army has escalated its violent campaign in 2016, with analysts warning that it is staging a bloody comeback. Once Africa's most notorious rebel groups, the Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA, is increasing its attacks and abductions in a bid to secure much-needed resources.

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As the Syrian ceasefire holds, what's next for the conflict? | GRI

An unlikely Syrian ceasefire looks set to beat the odds and hold together until its end next week. Though that would raise hopes that a political solution can be reached, certain obstacles remain. Having held together for over a week, the Syrian ceasefire has outlasted the expectations of many and buoyed hopes that a long-term political solution could soon be on the cards.

Global Risk Insights
International loans a mixed blessing for Nigeria and Angola | GRI

With Nigeria and Angola seeking international loans to help ease their oil pain, investors are hoping that any loans will lead to a revision of their worrisome economic policies. With recent reports suggesting low oil prices are here to stay, major producers are pulling out a number of stops in order to outlast a devastating slide that has seen many pushed to the brink.

Global Risk Insights
DRC faces further unrest with plans to postpone election | GRI

The postponement plans are likely to spook investors and weigh on the DRC's economic growth. In a move likely to spark further unrest and violence, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) may postpone elections scheduled for later this year, including a highly contentious presidential vote in November.

Global Risk Insights
Africa will face continued terrorism threat | GRI

With Nigeria's Boko Haram overtaking ISIS as the world's deadliest terrorist organization, and with three out of five of the world's most lethal terror groups operating in Africa, the beleaguered continent will continue to face a grave terrorist threat.

Africa In 2016: Winners And Losers In The New Year By Andrew Manners | From Global Risk Insights Plunging commodity prices and sustained economic headwinds made 2015 a painful year for most in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, a number of factors, including record-low oil prices, a worrying slowdown in China, and an emerging markets crisis, conspired to ensure that the pace of growth remained lower.

Global Risk Insights
Opportunities and Challenges for Africa Startups

While African startups show promise, continued challenges and obstacles remain. As the global economy continues its sluggish recovery and emerging markets stutter, investors are looking further afield for newfound opportunities. And with well over a billion people, a growing middle class, an educated elite, and established trading capitals including Lagos, Johannesburg, and Nairobi, it's no surprise many are turning their attention to Africa and its lucrative frontier markets.

Future Directions
Africa Seeks Fairer Deal at Paris Climate Summit

Despite contributing only a fraction of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is being hit hardest by the effects of climate change. Now, however, its leaders are pushing for a more equitable deal in Paris .

Indonesia to ratify ASEAN haze treaty, but will it help?

Indonesia finally votes to ratify the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution - 12 years after signing it, and the last ASEAN country to do so JAKARTA, Indonesia (UPDATED) - After 12 years, Indonesia's legislature has finally voted to ratify the ASEAN treaty on cross-border haze - the last signatory to do so - as fires ripped through forests in the western side of the country, choking neighboring Singapore with hazardous smog.

ABC News
New Kony video gets warmer reception

Posted April 13, 2012 18:46:16 Invisible Children's follow-up to its widely seen Kony video is receiving a better reception from analysts than the first one did. But it has received a fraction of the media coverage the first one achieved.

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