Andrew Shields

I help organisations tell their stories more effectively so they can achieve their potential and contribute to the greater good

United Kingdom

I'm an award-winning content specialist, offering a range of industry-leading editorial services:

- Content strategy planning
- Long and short form multi-platform copywriting
- Copy editing and proofreading
- Thought leadership content
- Speech and presentation development
- Editorial project management

This site holds examples of my corporate and consumer writing. To find out more about my strategic work in sport and business, visit my LinkedIn page.


Please contact me at [email protected] or through the link below.

Linkedin for D3O
Tacking a problem head first

How a new helmet system is protecting against everyday impacts in sports. Written by Andrew Shields for D3O.

High performance, low impact

How a new technology is setting the standard for hand protection. Written by Andrew Shields on behalf of D3O.

Occupational Health & Safety
Pushing the Boundaries of Hand Protection

How a new technology is delivering next-generation comfort, dexterity and protection within industrial work gloves. Written by Andrew Shields on behalf of D3O.

Linkedin for D3O
Decrypting eco-materials in phone cases

'Green' phone cases are big business. Are they genuinely good for the planet and, just as important, are they good at protecting your phone? Written by Andrew Shields on behalf of D3O.

Linkedin for D3O
A Material Case for True 5G

5G networks represent a major leap forward in mobile internet connectivity. To enable these networks to be implemented successfully, here is an explanation why a key consideration is the use of 5G compatible protective materials. Written by Andrew Shields on behalf of D3O.

Bush Telegraph
What's in a name?

How Victorian builders used house names to market properties

Bush Telegraph
The green issue

A delve into waste management at Edmonton EcoPark

Workplace Material Handling & Safety
Material Innovation Revolutionizes Back-Of-Hand Protection

Most gloves used for industrial PPE have back-of-hand protectors, with the vast majority made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Until now, there was very little manufacturers could do to change the characteristics of the compositions they were using

Bush Telegraph
Into Luna orbit

Profile of the man who sent Luna into orbit

Ascent magazine
Living on the edge

Thought leadership magazine for Atos, exploring edge computing, quantum technology, corporate digital responsibility, immersive tech and the risks of digital dystopia.

Impact magazine issue 9
Out of pocket

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 8
Wyld at heart

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 7
Helping hands

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Impact magazine issue 6
Screen saver

Thought leadership magazine for D3O

Woman's World
Love All

Can’t wait for Wimbledon? Try a little Real Tennis in the meantime

Woman's World
London to Rio

Can it really be four years since London staged Olympic and Paralympic Games that were widely considered ‘the best ever’? And this summer, can Rio de Janeiro do even better?

Woman's World
A Day at the Races

A day at the races doesn’t have to be the dressed-up, once-a-decade occasion it is for most of us.

The Guardian
Let's try yoga

It’s an ancient practice too often shrouded in mysticism, but yoga is a good way to keep fit and make new friends.

The Manager
Right Values, Great Attitude

Keith Harmes is totally committed to developing Chelsea's next generation of players and coaches - that's why he was chosen as a Barclays Spirit of the Games hero.

The Guardian
Let's try Nordic walking

Our love for all things Nordic includes a fast-growing form of exercise that's health and fun

PE provision for disabled children

One of the most powerful outcomes of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was the change in public perception of disabled people

London's top ten bizarre therapies

In a nifty rebranding exercise, ridding people of evil spirits, which was formerly known as 'exorcism', is now called spirit release...

'Village Life' Olympic Village newspaper
Rivalry and respect

One of 20 daily papers published in English and French, for which I was editor-in-chief

'Village Life' Olympic Village newspaper
Let the Games begin

One of 20 daily papers published in English and French, for which I was editor-in-chief