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The Financialization Third-Way

The unthinkable discussing the current financial crisis without evoking the shift in the U.S. economy in the last three decades. The American sociologist Greta R. Krippner traced the financialization of the U.S. economy to confront the reality of how policymakers in the 1970s have influenced politically the turn to the market. The insights raised into the book 'Capitalizing on Crisis - The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance' come questioning the dominant 'share-holder' views which...

Academic Review
Bondholding: the new diplomatic protection

It is not clear whether the financial control was the seed or the fruit of the political interest but it is sure that it boosted closer contact between the lending countries and its investment bankers and foreign bondholders. The book 'State Insolvency and Foreign Bondholders' shows how the 19th century was a period when foreign investment transfers increased the power of financial centres held in industrial and trading countries, such as France, Great Britain, Germany and later the USA. The...

Good Reads: Dos and Dont's

What Does Europe Want? : The Union and its Discontents

Slavoj Žižek and Srecko Horvat combine their critical clout to emphasize the dangers of ignoring Europe's growing wealth gap and the parallel rise in right-wing nationalism, which is directly tied to the fallout from the ongoing financial crisis and its prescription of imposed austerity. To general observers, the European Union's economic woes appear to be its greatest problem, but the real peril is an ongoing ideological-political crisis that threatens an era of instability and reactionary...

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