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Born in Manila. Raised in the former colonial hill stations of Baguio City, Benguet and Bandung, West Java. Enjoys connecting people and ideas, alternative travel, and appreciating the world's cultural diversity. Former expat kid; now soccer mom and bass player wife. Happy camper. :)

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My Bohemian Rhapsody

My experience as a Czech government scholar in CUNI, Dobruska

Tips for raising a caring child by Andre...

Tips for raising a caring child by Andrea Alfelor-Macaventa: (1) Display empathy and compassion, (2) Have reflective conversations with your child, (3) Imbibe the spirit of sharing, (4) Take care of a pet, (5) Get him into a team sport, (6) Foster and bolster his independence :) (at Starbucks Coffee)

Bukidnon Beyond the Usual | La Isla Magazine Philippines

For their wedding anniversary, freelance writer Andrea Alfelor Macaventa and husband Macky take a low-budget backpacking adventure in this idyllic Mindanao province Touching down at the spanking new LaguIndingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro City was literally a breath of fresh air for us city-dwelling folks.

Want to be like Smile reader Andrea ...

Want to be like Smile reader Andrea Alfelor-Macaventa who got her photo (below) published in Smile and won a cool prize? Send your travel photos in their high-resolution glory to [email protected] now. Next month's winner will get awesome beauty loot from Ever Bilena!

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