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Andrea Blackie

Freelance writer

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I'm a garden writer and garden designer with several years' experience in writing SEO-friendly horticultural articles and blogs for garden centre websites. Past and present clients include Wyevale Garden Centres, Plantify and Garden Connect. Take a look at some samples of my writing below.


Garden writing

How To Grow Tomatoes

You can't beat the taste of your own tomatoes, picked still warm from the sun and eaten fresh. Growing tomatoes is easy, and there are varieties suitable for greenhouses, for pots on sunny patios and even for window boxes. Tomatoes come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and have different uses in the kitchen.

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Scented plants for every garden

Our scent is one of the most evocative senses we have. Just a hint of fragrance can transport us back to a memorable summer, a special holiday or a beloved childhood garden. Whether your garden is big or small, adding a few scented plants allows you to revive old memories and create beautiful new ones...

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Keeping my bulbs a secret

The local squirrels have their eye on my tulip bulbs...but I've got a cunning plan.

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Plants for shady gardens

Shady gardens can be beautiful. On blazing hot summer days, what could be better than a comfortable seat in the shade? Flower colours are softer in the darkness, and green foliage takes centre stage, creating a tranquil setting with just a hint of mystery...
Spider plant care guide

Attractive, easy to grow and great for purifying the air, spider plants make ideal indoor plants.
How to grow avocados in the UK

On toast, in smoothies and dips, and even in desserts, we all love avocados for their soft creamy flesh and mild flavour. Avocado trees don’t often bear fruit in the UK, but they’re fun to grow and make great houseplants.
Plants for winter scent

Winter weather doesn't mean your garden can't be fragrant. Learn about the plants that provide scent through the cold season, like winter honeysuckle.

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Top vegetable growing tips for July

'In July the sun is hot / Is it shining / No, it's not!' As musical comedy duo Flanders and Swann pointed out back in the sixties, the weather in July can be chancy, but nevertheless, it's a great month for gardeners.
How to create a low-maintenance garden

Beautiful gardens don't have to be hard work. You can have a low maintenance garden that still looks good - it's simply a matter of making the right choices.
Best climbing plants for shade and problem sites

Climbing plants are ideal for covering unsightly walls and fences. There are climbing plants for shade, sun, big spaces and small, so there’s bound to be one to suit your needs.

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Garden plant of the moment: Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica is a plant of many names. Also known as Japanese andromeda, flame of the forest or lily-of-the-valley bush, this striking evergreen shrub looks good all year round. With its attractive foliage and sprays of spring flowers, it's a great low-maintenance shrub for shady gardens...

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How not to make a mountain out of molehills

When you've spent long hours creating your perfect lawn, the last thing you want to see is a whacking great molehill spoiling your handiwork. So to help, here's the lowdown on garden moles and what to do about them. Moles live underground, eating insects, worms and grubs.


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