Andile Ndlovu

Communications Specialist

Location icon South Africa

Andile Ndlovu is a Johannesburg-based Communications Specialist and freelance writer. His work has appeared in several publications, including The Times and Sunday Times (South Africa). He has also published fictional short stories.

Down with fairy tales: love is wonderful, but love is also hard work

The traditional, gender-stereotypical, fantasy idealist version of a wife, the supporter, the do-it-all-er so that everyone else can get on with things. I don't mean two females, nor one female, but at least two "wives" ... three or more if pan- or poly-relationships are your thing, sharing the "wife" time.

On Manana: Prejudice can be a very queer thing

As much as there is a desire to eschew categorisation, gays habitually categorise other gays: If he is a bottom, he is assumed to be effeminate. If he is effeminate, he is assumed to be submissive in all aspects of the relationship(s) - including in bed.

US television dramas can turn anyone into a political scientist

Have Shonda Rhimes and Olivia Pope (The Fixer/Scandal) made me cynical of politicians, or is Jackson Mthembu suddenly one of us? Is he an example of when bad leadership happens to good people? Is he deserving of my (our) empathy? I refer to the ANC chief whip's interview with 702's Steven Grootes, in which he spoke about toying with retirement.

Tournament of the mind

One of the most memorable quotes I've ever heard being uttered by a sportsman came from tennis icon Venus Williams during her inspiring run at the Australian Open (where she lost in the final to younger sister Serena) earlier this year.

Winning on a wonky outfield

A new report, Stateside, conducted by Nielsen found that black women (and their disposable income) were the trendsetters in influencing mainstream culture in various industries including entertainment, fashion and beauty. To many of us, this wasn't a surprise. We have known this to be true for many years.

Gay heroes' fight for freedom was not in vain, but the struggle continues

It has been 25 years since African-American transgender icon Marsha P Johnson was found dead in the Hudson River - and almost 21 since South African gay rights and anti-apartheid activist Simon Nkoli died. The former's life - and mysterious death - is the subject of a new documentary to land on Netflix this past weekend.

Celebrity infidelities make us think faithfulness is impossible

Then I fell in love (whatever that means), and suddenly I wanted to make someone responsible for my happiness, and I felt accountable whenever they were morose. The turning point came when I realised that - despite being told that "nobody has ever made me feel as good as you do", and "this is by far the most loving relationship I have ever been in" - I had still been cheated on.