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Top UX Research Methods to Build a Successful Product

If you want your new business to start successfully or want to improve the performance and usability of your existing product, conduct UX research to test your hypotheses. We've gathered the most popular UX research methods to help you choose the ones that best fit your project.

Top 6 Ecommerce Metrics Every Online Store Should Track

Do you know how the most successful ecommerce businesses make win-win decisions? They track actionable metrics to know the current state of their business. Since they see the performance of their stores in real time, they know which business levers should be pushed and pulled to grow and be successful.

Why Banks Need Mobile Apps: 7 Significant Benefits

In our digital age, industries try to satisfy demanding users and banking isn't an exception. Mobile banking is a growing trend that is appreciated by users of different ages. It can not only reduce a bank's costs but also attract and retain the users and maximize security.

Technologies That Will Shape Ecommerce Loyalty Programs in 2018 and Beyond

Customer loyalty programs are a proven method for growing market share. Implementing a loyalty program can both improve relationships with existing customers and attract new ones. To choose the best approach to promote customer loyalty, familiarize yourself with six technologies that will shape ecommerce loyalty programs in the near future.

How Quality UI/UX Design Solves Top Marketplace Issues

The commercial success of a marketplace lies in many factors including a satisfactory customer experience and an optimized user journey. Good design ensures a positive experience with a marketplace. In this article, we share tips on how to design a trustworthy and convenient marketplace that captivates customers.

9 UX Tips on How to Create an Ecommerce Store That Really Sells

In ecommerce, the first impression a user gets from an online store can attract or make him turn away from your website. In order to ensure positive customer experience, get a bunch of our advices to get your ecommerce website's UX design a step closer to perfection.

3 Ways to Create an Online Store For Your Business

Of the many decisions you have to make when creating your online business, one of the biggest is whether to start your own website from scratch or choose between an ecommerce platform and a marketplace.

7 Exciting Uses of Machine Learning in FinTech

Machine learning is currently at the center of the tech boom. In the financial sector, this technology can contribute to a project's success by increasing data protection, predicting financial trends, and providing better customer support and engagement, among other things.