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Ana Rodriguez-Knutsen

Storyteller and Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

I love cultivating stories and helping them become the best they can be. Whether you're looking to refine your next novel, tell your company's history, or embellish a family recipe for your cooking blog, I'm your girl.

During my time as an editorial assistant and acquisition editor, I worked with new and professional authors, proofread their manuscripts, helped them improve their stories, and transitioned their ideas into published books. As a freelancer, I've managed and produced content for my client's social media accounts, connecting them to a wider audience and promoting their organization's products and SEO.

I’m used to tight deadlines, I’m very detail-oriented, and I excel at conveying complex ideas in a simple manner. Let me help you share your story with the world.

Portfolio Social Media

Graphics and social media posts created for's "AWAD" (A Word A Day) and "Quote of the Day".

ARK Pastries and Parker Farms

Two copy examples: an email ad copy promoting a food dish to a prospective audience, the other a short "About the Farmer" bio to compliment the stories shared on my client's website.

Postcardly: Social Media

Social media posts written for the postcard service Postcardly to promote their app release.

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