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I'm a content editor and writer in English and Spanish. I love writing about travel, outdoor life and sports, culture, history and art


The Night Manager's lush locations in Mallorca

Drawing over 6 million viewers in front of the telly for each episode, the nail biting thriller has showcased some of the best and most luxurious hotels, restaurants and beaches in Mallorca. So if you want to experience sexy side of the Mediterranean island, head to one of the following spots and imagine you have Tom Hiddleston (or Elizabeth Debicki) by your side.
Party hotspots in Ibiza 2018

Any passionate clubber should go to Ibiza at least once in their life. The White Isle is an electronic music paradise, many of the world's biggest clubs concentrate around the island's coastal towns and internationally renowned DJs and producers flock to Ibiza in the summer to fill up the season's nights with their residencies.
Hot hotels in Verbier for Winter 2017/18

Verbier has a broad range of accommodation on offer throughout the winter and summer seasons. If you prefer to stay in a hotel rather than a chalet or apartment, you should easily be able to find something to suit your taste. This Swiss resort has a wide range of hotel styles, from the ultra luxurious to the traditional. We've taken a look at the best hotels for the coming winter, there's something for everybody here.
Top celebrities to spot in Ibiza summer 2018

During the summer months, the rich, the famous and the wannabes all flock to Ibiza to see and to be seen, as well as to party at some of the most exclusive and legendary nightspots on the Spanish island and enjoy our pristine beaches.
Best bathing spots in Monaco 2018

Monaco has been a popular summer destination since the 19th century. Artists, Hollywood stars and musicians flock here every year to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sun, gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters.

Outdoor Life & Sports
Top 8 adventure sports in Mallorca 2017

In recent years, visitors to Mallorca have discovered the island's potential for adventure sports. With a wide range of landscapes to choose from including stunning crystalline waters, rocky cliffs and steep mountain trails, this Mediterranean paradise will satisfy even the most extreme adrenaline junkies.
Mushroom foraging in Les Houches

Ever since the leaves started to turn yellow, I've been looking forward to checking out what kind of mushrooms can be found in the valley. I started foraging mushrooms when I was a little girl, and I can safely identify a fair amount of species which are good to eat in Galicia, the very humid region in north-west Spain where I come from, so I was really excited to see if any of them grew here.
Mallorca 312 Cycling Race 2018 bookings

Mallorca should be on every cyclist's bucket list. Not only does the island have some of the best uphill, winding roads in Europe but the views from the saddle are almost always breathtaking. One of the best ways to discover its appeal and explore its terrain is by signing up for the famous Mallorca 312 Cycling Race which crosses the iconic Tramuntana mountains.

Art & Culture

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