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Multimedia Storyteller

United States,US

Ana is an award-winning multimedia storyteller specializing in video production. She has produced, shot and edited videos for Smithsonian Magazine, the Smithsonian Institution, Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the GW Hatchet. Ana is also a talented writer whose work can be found in national publications like Spoon University and Her Campus, as well the Washington-based GW Hatchet. Ana is the founder of Better Than Ramen, one of DC's most-read food blogs. Ana attended the George Washington University, where she graduated summa cum laude with special honors in Journalism and Mass Communication.



The George Washington University
Oral History With My Grandmother

ROLE: PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, SHOOTER, INTERVIEWER, TRANSLATOR, EDITOR At the age of 5, my grandma fled from Hitler's forces in Yugoslavia. At the age of 75, she gained US citizenship. The path there was not always straightforward.

The Federal Reserve Board Insider
Intern Feature


Better Than Ramen Food Blog

Better Than Ramen
Tiffin Elkins Park Review | Better Than Ramen

My family's go-to lunch spot in downtown Philly is New Delhi Indian Restaurant - we are suckers for buffets. When we are in the mood for Indian food closer to home in the suburbs, however, we go to Tiffin. I learned about Tiffin from a review of the restaurant in my high school's newspaper.

Better Than Ramen
BTR's Guide to $5 Meals In Foggy Bottom - Better Than Ramen

The end of the semester at GWU means you've depleted your GWorld of Colonial Ca$h and Dining Dollars. Now you have to fend for yourself. Let's be real, checking your bank balance can be pretty scary unless you have a trust fund, in which case you have no reason to keep reading.

Smithsonian Seriously Amazing

Bitches Who Brunch

Smithsonian Magazine's Future is Here Festival

Spoon University

Spoon University
Macarons vs. Macaroons: The Differences Demystified

Macarons having landed in America from France, effectively beating out cupcakes as the new trendy dessert. While I enjoy the petite meringue dessert, I do not like how its name is butchered.

Spoon University
The Ultimate Tea Guide

Are you a coffee addict who doesn't know a thing about tea? Maybe you're a tea enthusiast and don't know much about what you're drinking. No matter your expertise, everyone can learn a little something about tea from our handy FAQ-style guide.

Spoon University
Copycat Recipe: Argo Tea's Mojitea

Mojitos are the perfect summer cocktail, but the booze can leave you feeling hot and hungover instead of refreshed. We recreated Argo Tea's Mojitea: an alcohol-free iced tea cocktail that gives you the delicious mint-lime flavor of a mojito without the wooziness.

The GW Hatchet

The GW Hatchet
Dance Marathon


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The GW Hatchet
Q&A: Jim Norton talks political correctness in comedy and radio

Jim Norton, known for his controversial political comedy, can be heard on "The Opie & Anthony Show" on Sirius XM Radio and has his own Netflix special. He will be in the District this Thursday through Saturday for three sold-out improv shows.

GW Hatchet
Tackling the city restaurant scene, year by year

As your time at GW passes, your tastes change as well. Here's a year-by-year guide, from the best coffee to survive freshman year to the mixed drinks for celebrating graduation. It's intimidating enough to navigate GW's campus for the first time, but traversing the District as a freshman can be much more anxiety-inducing if you don't know where to go.

GW Hatchet
Highlights of this year's Cherry Blossom Festival

Springtime in DC means it's Cherry Blossom Festival time. Although the month-long festival is centered around Washington's signature pink trees, the festival is so much more than a walk around the Tidal Basin. We've picked out the highlights of the festival events so you don't miss out on the celebration.

The GW Hatchet
Alumna looks to put charge into bicycle industry

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. But you may have to learn again if one alumna's innovation catches on. Amber Wason, a 2007 GW School of Business graduate, is part of the duo trying to make electric bikes, or e-bikes, part of a commuting routine for young urban professionals.

The GW Hatchet
At (e)merge art fair, visitors interact with pieces

Up-and-coming artists have filled three floors of the swanky Capitol Skyline Hotel with their work. The garage, pool deck, lobby and second floor hotel rooms have been transformed into ad hoc art galleries for (e)merge, as hotel guests sleep above at the southwest DC hotel.

GW Hatchet
José Andrés' restaurant brings culture with a kick

Much like the traditional Andalusian dance from which the restaurant gets its name, José Andrés' Jaleo is a festive cultural experience. A meal at this popular establishment is more than just a few plates of tapas - it's an adventure for the senses.

The GW Hatchet
Review: Aroma

Published in the Restaurant Guide

The GW Hatchet
Party with Bond villains

For those lusting after a future career in the CIA and like their martinis shaken not stirred, the Brightest Young Things' espionage-themed bash at the International Spy Museum Friday will be all you ever wanted.

The GW Hatchet
Columbia Heights Day offers glimpse into developing neighborhood

If you only know Columbia Heights as the place you get bussed to for Target Takeover, you really need to spend more time there. This Saturday, the neighborhood is celebrating Columbia Heights Day, a community festival in the same vein as Adams Morgan Day or the H Street Festival.

The GW Hatchet
Best places in D.C. for tea time

With cold temperatures taking over, your instinct may be to bundle up under your softest blankets and hibernate until finals. Resist that urge, put on your best winter coat and warm up with a hot pot of tea, finger sandwiches, scones and pastries at some of the best and most luxurious afternoon teas in the District.

The GW Hatchet
Fashion Week comes to the W

DC may not be known for its fashion, but the W Washington DC (515 15th Street NW) thinks we are a pretty style-savvy city. The hotel is celebrating Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week by featuring 24/7 live streaming of the runways in its Living Room lobby and sponsored events that will give you the opportunity to get dolled up.

The GW Hatchet
The Hatchet's Gift Guide: What techies, foodies and D.C. lovers want

The pressure is on at the end of the semester, and not just because of final exams - it's time to face the daunting task of buying gifts for friends and family. Whether you're shopping for an iPhone enthusiast, the music lover with a penchant for obscure bands or the wild card friend, get inspiration from The Hatchet's gift guide.

The GW Hatchet
How to do a D.C. visit during the shutdown

So the government shutdown may stomp out the promise of your family's long-planned jaunt through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and photo-op with the Lincoln Memorial. Thankfully, not everything in this town relies on federal dollars to keep the lights on.

Online Journalism Workshop @ GWU

DC Arts Scene

I coded the webpage from scratch, including the rollover infographic. I also shot and edited the "Collector" video and shot the "Creator" video


I coded the website, wrote the text, took all of the photos and created the video.

SMPA 2112: Digital Media Productions with Profesor Osder, Spring 2012

Get art. Feel alive. (Abington Art Center's Blog)

Hatchet Photography

Get art. Feel alive.
A genuine artist

A review of the Met's Alexander McQueen exhibit (part II)

The Cherry Tree Yearbook

Her Campus

Get art. Feel alive.
Life Underground

Art in New York City subway stations

SMPA 2110W: News Writing and Reporting with Professor Zuckerman, Fall 2012

SMPA 2110W
The Best of Dorms, The Worst of Dorms

I wrote this piece for our feature assignment. I interviewed various GW students about what they think the best and worst dorms on campus are.

SMPA 2110W
Fire at the Rotunda Apartment Complex

Professor Zuckerman provided the class with interviews and reporter's notes from a fictional fire and told us to write a story about it.

SMPA 2110W
The role of media in Decision 2012

For my final project, I interviewed various sources from the VP of the Newsweum to an editor of Politico to GW professors and student org leaders. It's my favorite article that I've written in this class.