Amy Hall

Journalist and editor

Brighton based freelance journalist and editor. I have covered social and environmental justice, race, feminism, activism, politics and the arts from across the UK, Cambodia, India, the US and Belize.

I write for New Internationalist and a number of other publications, as well as a monthly column for openDemocracy on the environment, corporate power, democracy and the British state.

United Kingdom


New Internationalist

See you in court

Court cases in Belize and Jamaica could have a positive impact on LGBTI rights in the region.

Red Pepper

Kids strike over national SATs tests

Report on the #KidsStrike3rdMay - a national protest over SATs for primary school children.


Four reasons why gender is an essential part of sustainable development

Gender equality is an essential element of sustainable and inclusive development. Here are just four of the reasons why, based on BRIDGE research.


It's time to decolonise feminist knowledge

African and feminist scholars can make active steps to decolonise knowledge production, according to Signe Arnfred from the Institute of Society and Globalization at Roskilde...


From UN negotiations to flooding: climate change in the Caribbean

Report on climate change in the Caribbean and the work of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize.


Using data to respond to climate change

Open knowledge, open data and the response to climate change in the Caribbean.


Urbanisation, health and the Sustainable Development Goals

The urban share of poverty is increasing: according to the UN, by 2030 almost 60 per cent of the world's population will live in urban areas. Over 90 per cent of this urban...


Five reasons why gender matters for migrants' rights

For International Migrants Day: reasons why gender can't be ignored when it comes to migration. Based on the BRIDGE Gender and Migration Cutting Edge Pack.


Five things the UN climate negotiators could do for gender equality

Priorities for COP21 policy-makers, all drawn from the BRIDGE Gender and Climate Change Cutting Edge Pack.


Three reasons gender matters at the Paris climate talks

Why is it vital that those making decisions on climate change do not ignore gender? Based on BRIDGE Cutting Edge Packs on climate change and food security.


Fearless woman: Wangu Kanja's battle for women's rights

Interview with the founder and executive director of the Wangu Kanja Foundation, which supports survivors of sexual violence in Kenya.

Reproductive Health Matters

Mapping sex work policy across the globe

New Internationalist

Stop forced closures

News story about the indigenous led campaign to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Transition Free Press

Platform campaigner detained in Azerbaijan on her way to 'Oil Games'

As Baku prepares to host the 2015 European Games, those who oppose the country's leading family, and its oil wealth, are facing a crack down. In this post, Amy Hall explains why...

New Internationalist

Awards for Bigots

Malaysia's Aiyoh Wat Lah! 'awards' for sexism. [pdf]


Sexual and gender-based violence in the Sustainable Development Goals

In July 2014, the 17 suggested Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) were presented to the world by a United Nations General Assembly Open Working Group. The SDGs aim to build...

Transition Free Press

Real Media conference celebrates independent journalism

Transition Free Press is one of many media outfits, telling the stories that are seldom heard in mainstream media. from a perspective which is largely hidden. Now a new campaign...