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Wish you were here... la mort lente de la carte postale

Rappelez-vous les vacances d'été de votre enfance, où la quête la plus importante était de trouver les cartes postales parfaites à écrire pour vos amis et votre famille. C'était une tradition spéciale; choisir les bons mots, chercher le bureau de poste local, coller les timbres. Cependant, que se passerait-il si votre carte postale n'avait jamais trouvé l'adresse finale et que vos mots étaient perdus?

Being a tourist in your own city...

Amy Lyall and Amy Campbell are two student journalists at the University of Strathclyde. They came along on a tour on a chilly November day to discover their own city from a new perspective, here's what they had to say...

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Virtual reality journalism - unnerving or electrifying?

By Amy Lyall. It takes a few seconds for your vision to adjust, a few seconds for your mind to overcome the initial confusion. Glancing from left to right, up and down. This unknown landscape, these new untouchable surroundings. You tell yourself, this is unreal... Over the past three years, Virtual Reality (VR) has stormed...

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Down to Earth: An Alternative Approach to Video-Journalism

By Amy Lyall. "We didn't have the story or the message before we went. We shot and then found the message in it." In 2004, Dutch couple Rolf Winters and Renata Heinen made the bold decision to journey around the world with their three children, in search of a new perspective.

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A Private War: The Compelling Career of Marie Colvin

By Amy Lyall. "In this era of Fake News, when journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin is one of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time." An opening statement from Matthew Heineman, the director of A Private War, before the UK premiere of his film streamed live to 192 cinemas across the country on...

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What we learned about culture journalism from Rachel Macpherson

By Amy Lyall. Culture reporting is a sub-field of journalism which revolves around the arts and society, or as Henry Luce, co-founder of Time magazine, put it: "...coming as close as possible to the heart of the world." Today, digitalisation plays a huge part in the media industry.

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JCW Futures Fair 2019

By Amy Lyall. On the afternoon of Wednesday 30 October, Strathclyde's 2019 Journalism and Creative Writing (JCW) Futures Fair took place in the McCance Conservatory. The event, organised by Dr Petya Eckler, granted students the opportunity to engage with fellow writers, discover how to make the most of on-campus opportunities and internships, and consider what...

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