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Jesus as Healer: Miracles and Meditations in Luke

I authored and self-published this book of 44 meditations about the healing work of Jesus in the Bible book of Luke. Available at,, and in selected stores.

Magazine Articles


Someone Else's Lungs

This essay explores organ transplant bioethics through my real-life encounters and conversations with transplant recipients and their families. (Click article title for PDF.)


Soul of a Champ

I interviewed the subject and wrote the copy for this feature story about a woman who pushed back at physical adversity to shape a life of service. (Click article title for PDF.)


E-Learning Website Article

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Education

I researched and wrote this sample article for an e-learning website that serves the general public. It uses simple terms and explanations.

Consumer Health Website Article

6 Natural Ways to Heal Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I researched and wrote this sample article for a consumer natural health website.

Other Print

Patient Handout

Vitamin D3 Supplementation

I researched and wrote this patient handout for a chiropractic practice. It was written for a general audience with no prior knowledge of the topic.

Patient Booklet

Choices: Post-Surgery Treatment Options for Women with Breast Cancer

I researched 24 references (including a personal interview with an oncologist) and wrote this patient take-home piece.

Patient Booklet

Patient's Guide to Lung Cancer & Its Treatments

I interviewed the director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, conducted medical literature research, and wrote this piece.

Patient Flipchart for Oncology Nurses' Use

Adjuvant Treatment for Breast Cancer

I interviewed a doctor of osteopathy at a cancer research institute and conducted medical literature research to write this flipchart.

Internal Magazine - Healthcare Industry


I served as writer and editor of the quarterly publication for sanofi-aventis sales management, including conducting all interviews, writing stories, and coordinating approvals.

Internal Magazine - Healthcare Industry

The Driving Force

As writer and editor for the quarterly sales force magazine of sanofi-aventis, I planned stories, interviewed sources, and wrote stories and ads.

Patient Flipchart for Immunologists' Use

HIV Replication and Therapy

I researched and wrote this flipchart for physicians to use in their offices when explaining HIV therapy to patients.

Audio Scriptwriting and Producing

Bacteria Classification Audio Program. I researched, wrote, and produced the program. Click above to hear an audio clip. Running time is 8:28.

Bacteria Classification Audio Program

Transcript of the audio sample at left

Bacteria Classification - Audio Program Script (Excerpt)

I researched and wrote this program to educate sales professionals in the healthcare industry.

Leptospirosis Testing in Cattle Audio Program. I researched, wrote, and produced the program. Click above to hear clips. Running time is 3:57.

Leptospirosis Testing in Cattle Audio Program