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AmyLu Riley

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Published Articles by AmyLu Riley

Someone Else's Lungs

Through my real-life encounters and conversations with transplant recipients and their families, I explore the bioethics of organ transplants. Click article title for full PDF.

Soul of a Champ

Meet Sara Beth Vaughn, a woman who pushed back at physical adversity to shape a life of service. Click article title for full PDF.

The Wind Under Wings

The now-famous research of MIT professor Edward Lorenz identified a butterfly effect in nature. A small change, such as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in Brazil, might lead to a major outcome. His finding has led us to understand that interventions of any size can contribute to greatly altered circumstances. In a similar way, 140 University of Southern Indiana students experience positive interventions each year that can dramatically alter their lives. Click article title for full PDF.

Books by AmyLu Riley

Book by AmyLu Riley

Wasn’t it Paul who said he longed to go, but it was more necessary to stay? AmyLu wanted God to show her what she needed to accomplish in this life so she could just do it and be free to go home. But God didn’t want a transaction. He wanted a restoration. You’re invited into an intimate inner journey. Be encouraged by seeing how God took what looked like an ending and quietly made it into a new beginning. Just like he wants to do for you. Click book title above to view cover.

Book by AmyLu Riley
Faith with Grit

"I know God can heal me, so why doesn’t he?" That one spiritual issue can cause more hurt than many physical problems combined. You believe in God. You trust him. And while your faith is a lifeline, something just isn’t adding up—something painful that’s difficult to pinpoint or even admit to yourself. AmyLu Riley knows. She's been there. In Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet Healed, find the kind of faith your spirit needs to live strong. Click book title above to view full cover.

Book by AmyLu Riley
Faith with Wings

AmyLu knew that suffering was part of the Christian faith lived out on earth, and would be used somehow for the greater good in the kingdom of God. But she didn’t care. She just wanted it to stop. As gritty and honest as ever, AmyLu Riley opens her journals once again to reveal her meditations, conversations with God, and the wrestling with Scripture that led her to a new iteration of faith. This faith has more than just survival skills; it has grown wings. Click book title above to view cover.

Book by AmyLu Riley
Jesus as Healer: Miracles and Meditations in Luke

Look into the face of the one who can heal anything. Explore with wide-eyed wonder the greatest healing miracles of all time. Walk beside the most successful healer who ever lived, Jesus, and be transformed by his words and actions. Come away on a life-changing meditation journey through the incredible work of Jesus as healer in the Bible book of Luke. Click book title above to view book detail page at