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UCC MA Film and Screen Media graduate with a keen interest in directing and screenwriting, as well as writing about various topics ranging from film to music and feminism. When I am not doing any of that, I am usually either painting or ranting on Twitter.

Screen Queens
Revisiting Cruel Intentions 20 Years Later

The opening scene of 1999's Cruel Intentions certainly sets the film off with a bang. Opening in a therapist's office in New York City, we are quickly introduced to our charming anti-hero Sebastian Valmont, a sophisticated young Lothario from the Upper West Side, as he speaks about his sex addiction.

Our Best Design Tips for A Moroccan-Style Home | Blog |

Cover Photo: Lorena Canals Washable Bereber Ethnic Rug. Available here. Increasingly popular, Moroccan-style decor is a dynamic and exotic way to liven up your home. Evocative of the country from which it originated, Moroccan interior design pools inspiration from a multitude of countries, ranging from France, Spain and Portugal to Africa and Persia, resulting in a rich interior style that will add warmth and colour to your home.

Screen Queens
RESPAWN: Dōbutsu no Mori; The Animal Crossing Movie

RESPAWN is a monthly column exploring the intersection of video games and film by Millicent Thomas (featuring guests). For this months column, special guest Amy Louise O'Callaghan takes you on an exploration through the Animal Crossing movie, Dōbutsu no Mori - I know, I had no idea it existed either.

Screen Queens
How 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging' Captured the British Teenage Girl

Teenage girlhood and coming-of-age is an oft explored topic in the realm of cinema, with many American teen films standing on their own as must-watches for any cinema-fan. Ranging from comedic satires on interpersonal female relationships and self-growth, such as Mean Girls (2004) and Clueless (1995), to John Hughes' problematic offerings Sixteen Candles (1984) and...

Be Nothing Club
American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused: The Ultimate Coming-Of-Age Films

By Mer Made In 1993, following the release of the Richard Linklater's beloved Dazed and Confused, the film was lauded for being the antithesis to John Hughes' quirky filmography of angst-ridden teenagers with all the problems of world on their shoulders. Dazed and Confused instead took us right back to the 1970s and introduced...

Be Nothing Club
Mobile Games Are Not Your Enemy

By Mer Made Last week Nintendo finally dropped the details on the newest member of the Animal Crossing series, a mobile game for both IOS and Android called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Originally announced in 2016, AC: PC is Nintendo's third foray into the world of mobile gaming, and follows the highly successful Super Mario...

Be Nothing Club
We Need to Stop Sleeping On Pillow Queens

Article and Illustration by Mer Made Dublin-based Pillow Queens became one of my favourite bands last April, when I just so happened to stumble upon their self-published EP Calm Girls whilst looking for new Irish acts to listen to. On an island that seems to be perpetually filled with all-male indie bands, finding an female-dominated...

Album Review: Shura // Nothing's Real

Love is not an uncommon topic among songwriters, in fact, I am currently struggling to pick off the top of my head, an example of a song about anything else.

Album Review: Raleigh Ritchie // You're A Man Now Boy

It might have been just me, but fewer debuts have been as anticipated as Raleigh Ritchie ie. Jacob Anderson's latest release, You're A Man Now Boy. With a high profile role as Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, it can be easy to forget that Anderson is first and foremost, a musician.

Motley Magazine
#OscarsSoWhite ... (again) | Motley Magazine

Amy O' Callaghan takes a look at one of the film industry's greatest downfalls, ahead of this awards season. There are only two major things being discussed in regards to the 2016 Academy Awards: whether or not Leo will finally get his Oscar and the blatantly obvious lack of people of colour in the nominations list.

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