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Journalism credits: Detroit News & Free Press, Oakland Press, Metro Times, Between the Lines, C & G News,, EncoreMichigan.

Encore Michigan
Slipstream's song-filled Showbiz satire hits its mark - Encore Michigan

FERNDALE, Mich.-So, EncoreMichigan readers, what is not to love about a show that ruthlessly skewers everything in show business-including reviewers. (Says one character of another: "She hates theater-she's a critic.") That critic -coincidentally named Lita Encore(!) -takes the form of a dippy, mean woman who'll even pan her own granddaughter's school performance.

Encore Michigan
'Hard Love' at the JET resonates across any cultural conflict - Encore Michigan

Hard Love , by Motti Lerner, now playing in a fascinating, compelling production at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, pulls us into the lives of two vivid characters, whose very specific story will resonate with anyone on some level. On the surface, the play is about the sometimes impossibility of achieving love, even with the one you think you love the most.

Encore Michigan
The glorious women of "Calendar Girls" at The Meadow Brook - Encore Michigan

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.-When I was a child I was fascinated by enormous sunflowers planted in my grandparents' backyard, tall botanical beasts which towered over me. There is something magical about these plants, which look to me like abstract faces framed by spiky yellow hair.

Encore Michigan
Una bella notte at MOT - Encore Michigan

In the Michigan Opera Theatre program handed out at "Madame Butterfly," there is an interview with 93-year-old John Fleming, WWII veteran, retired teacher and MOT volunteer. He recalls being enthralled by opera as a child listening to the Victrola. When Fleming was born, "Madame Butterfly" was an almost-new piece, having premiered in 1904.

Encore Michigan
DPT's 'Skeleton Crew' depicts life on the line - Encore Michigan

DETROIT, Mich.-If you've never toiled on a production line, and you imagine it as mindless drudgery good only for the reward of a paycheck, then a poetic rhapsody about the job from a twenty-something auto worker in Dominique Morisseau's Skeleton Crew will be an ear-and-eye-opener.

Encore Michigan
Fjord Twins deliver the glitz and laughs at Go Comedy! - Encore Michigan

FERNDALE, Mich.-It's hard to believe this is the Fjord Twins 50th musical revue. It seems like yesterday we were just enjoying their 49th revue. Or maybe that was yesterday. At any rate, Harmony and Simon are back, with their Greatest Glitz , an evening of song, dance, biographical tidbits, unexpected guest stars, and the sharing of TMI ( way too much info) at Go Comedy!

Encore Michigan
"Alone with Friends" is a the writer's head - Encore Michigan

HAMTRAMCK, Mich.-For anyone who's ever tried to write fiction, Margaret Edwartowski's new play-Alone with Friends , now playing at Planet Ant- will ring a bell the size of Big Ben. The writer's life is all there, right down to searching for just the right "Thing to Call Your Protagonist" on

Encore Michigan
WaterWorks yucks up the Bard with 'Terrible Errors' - Encore Michigan

ROYAL OAK, Michigan-For 18 years WaterWorks Theatre Company has presented the Bard and assorted related offerings on a stage under the beautiful big trees of a Royal Oak park. This year, one of those assorted offerings has been an original spoof on poorly done (and poorly understood) Shakespeare, a play by Don Zolidis called The Comedy of Terrible Errors!

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Encore Michigan
Detroit '67: A play about a place we know well - Encore Michigan

DETROIT-Last month I saw a musical, Sistas, set entirely in a family matriarch's attic. Dominique Morisseau's Detroit '67 takes us to the opposite end of a home, another space filled with emotional memories and ripe for intense confrontations.

Encore Michigan
Who Seduces Whom In This Shakespeare Play? - Encore Michigan

First, let us all hail Ed Nahhat and his merrie band of actors, directors, producers and tech folks from Water Works Theatre, celebrating their 15th season of outdoor Shakespeare in Royal Oak. (And what more appropriate place to present the Bard than a town named for an English's king's legendary tree?)

Encore Michigan
Saving the world, one comedy sketch at a time - Encore Michigan

FERNDALE, Mich.-Pity the sketch troupe Human Amusements. One of them has accidentally summoned the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse via Snapchat. And now here they are in a battle to save humanity and their own mortal souls. They have, however, one advantage; they get to choose the field of battle, and they choose a sketch-comedy-off.