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Amy Campbell

Writer & Editor

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Amy Campbell chose writing as a path to life-long learning, and it has never let her down. She has put her love of language and stories to work as a reporter, columnist, editor and copywriter in fields from fine art to construction, and is always eager to explore new territory. Amy holds a BA in journalism and an MFA in nonfiction writing, and is particularly interested in regional interest and lifestyle topics including food, wine and travel. Contact Amy at amyinbliss0205 (at)


Marketing Material

Eastern Magazine
Headlines and decks

Titles/headlines/decks for New Personal Best, Striking Figures and An Eastern Legacy


Toledo City Paper
Food and Family

For those of us who don't come from a big Italian family but kind of wish we did, dinner at Lena's Italian Restaurant in Blissfield, Mich., is a good place to live the experience.

AAA Now!
Great Getaways

Northwest Ohio is ideally situated for whirlwind getaways to satisfy warm-weather wanderlust.

Foodie Fantasy

Veggie U brings celeb chefs to NW Ohio for gala fundraiser.

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