Amy Campbell

Writer & Editor

United States

Amy Campbell chose writing as a path to life-long learning, and it has never let her down. She has put her love of language and stories to work as a reporter, columnist, editor and copywriter in fields from fine art to construction, and is always eager to explore new territory. Amy holds a BA in journalism and an MFA in nonfiction writing. Contact: Amy at amyinbliss0205 (at)


Marketing Material

Eastern Magazine
Headlines and decks

Titles/headlines/decks for New Personal Best, Striking Figures and An Eastern Legacy


Toledo City Paper
Food and Family

For those of us who don't come from a big Italian family but kind of wish we did, dinner at Lena's Italian Restaurant in Blissfield, Mich., is a good place to live the experience.

AAA Now!
Great Getaways

Northwest Ohio is ideally situated for whirlwind getaways to satisfy warm-weather wanderlust.

Foodie Fantasy

Veggie U brings celeb chefs to NW Ohio for gala fundraiser.