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United Kingdom

My name is Amy Aed and I’m a travel writer based in Wales. Whilst half my time is spent writing raw, off-the-beaten-track travel guides, the other half is spent trying to find the world's best Tie Guan Yin or impulse booking flights away to Morocco.

Wandering Everywhere
Neighbourhood Guide to London

People will tell you that London is a city - but they're wrong. In fact, London is an area made up of hundreds of unique, tiny cities, all working together in unity. If you're into over-priced shopping sprees, Chelsea is the place to go. If you appreciate good dim sum, Chinatown is your man.

Hidden Europe
The goat keeper: life in rural Galicia

As they often say in Spanish, la cabra tira al monte — ‘the goat is drawn to the mountains’. And in the mountains was where I found Juan.

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Best Towns to Visit in Austria's Wachau Valley

Go World Travel is reader-supported and may earn a commis sion from purchases made through links in this piece. The Wachau Valley is a true Austrian gem with Europe's mightiest river, the Danube, at its core. Located an hour from Vienna, this UNESCO World Heritage site is filled with abbeys, vineyards and magic, and seems to have sprung right out of a fairytale.

BuzzFeed Community
Re-Writing The History Books: Female Explorers That Changed The World

I recently read a book which consisted of about 300 pages talking about the great feats of male explorers, with a four-page afterword briefly mentioning a couple things that female explorers have done over the years. I was pretty bummed at that - after all, who hasn't heard of Amelia Earhart or Helen Thayer?

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Recharge in Croatia: Redefining Luxury on the Croatian Island of Čiovo

Čiovo is the largest island in the Trogir archipelago in Croatia, and despite the fact that thousands of people travel to the region each year, the island off the Dalmatian Coast still remains almost completely untouched by tourism. With less than 6,000 inhabitants, Čiovo is comprised mainly of small fishing villages, including Slatine.

The Mighty
When I Realized My Chronic Illness Diagnosis Doesn't Mean My Life Is Over

I was 15 years old when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Crohn's is an autoimmune disease where your body is constantly attacking itself, and the digestive system in particular. This causes a range of problems, from mere agony to malnourishment and tooth decay, which left untreated can result in dire degeneration.

Wandering Everywhere

I recently set off to Budapest, Hungary, and fell in love with the place. Little did I know that I would step into a gorgeous little fairytale that would leave me tossing and turning in bed at home for nights after. Budapest was a beautiful place with a perfect mix of history and pace - and...

Wandering Everywhere

With over 18.3m tourists flocking to Amsterdam each year, there is not point in labelling it as an off-the-beaten-track hidden gem. Yet, there is still an uncommercial charm to the capital, where secret spots entice you with delicious food, welcoming locals, and endless crevices to explore.

How a Disease that could Kill Me Taught me How to Live

My mother swore under her breath as the doctor confirmed her worst fear - her youngest daughter had the famed and incurable Crohn’s Disease. That was how I was presented the diagnosis of my malady, an auto-immune disease that attacks and collapses the digestive tract and whole immune system. It turned out that agonising pain and roundhouse symptoms such as blepharitis, scoliosis, psoriasis, hair loss, and tooth decay weren’t normal.