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The Year in White Motherhood | Hazlitt

What were we obsessed with, invested in and plagued by in 2018? Hazlitt's writers reflect on the issues, big and small. I always imagined I would have children, but less as a deeply ingrained maternal desire and more as part of a childhood fantasy about how I would escape myself.

The Term 'Natural Birth' Shames Moms. It's Time to Lose It

I don't often think about giving birth to my son anymore. Now that he's almost two it's hard to even remember what it was like to be pregnant. But I recently came across a blog post from a women's clinic in London that reminded me of one of the worst parts of pregnancy for me-the constant emphasis on the idea of a "natural birth."

Elle Canada
Margaret Atwood Takes Readers Back to Gilead In "The Testaments" | Elle Canada

Sep 10 2019 by Amil Niazi The hotly anticipated Handmaid's Tale follow-up is out today. Two young women, standing silently with their heads bowed, greeted attendees of The Testaments press conference Tuesday morning in London, England, where author Margaret Atwood spoke for the first time about the highly anticipated follow-up to her dystopian fable, The Handmaid's Tale.

I Really Liked 'The Big Sick' But Please, Let Brown Women Live

Let me preface all of this by saying that I really liked Kumail Nanjiani's new romantic comedy. A funny, touching film about a courtship that involves a coma and a cultural clash, The Big Sick is based on Nanjiani's real-life romance with writer Emily Gordon.

Jay Baruchel Is Living the Canadian Dream

One of our favourite pastimes as Canadians is reminding Americans which of their biggest celebrities are actually from this side of the border. We slip into it as a conversational default anytime pop culture in the US is raised. Yeah you know, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Samantha Bee, Drake, Biebs is one of us.

Talking to Judd Apatow About 'Love' and Marriage

The earliest stages of a relationship are awkward, painful and drama-fuelled. The fear of exposing your true self to someone you're trying desperately to impress can be crippling, leading to weird first impressions and overly boozy dinner dates. The first season of Love on Netflix captured this dynamic perfectly.

Nick Kroll Tells Us His Most Embarrassing Story

Puberty is a nightmare. A chaotic, destructive, empowering, horny nightmare. I remember the first time I got my period I cried for three hours straight because I knew, I just KNEW that shit was about to get weird. And it absolutely did.

John Early and Kate Berlant Are Your Next Comedy Obsession

The first time I watched anything from John Early and Kate Berlant, I was legitimately in tears. Their "Paris" video was so instantly recognizable and relatable, so searingly accurate and overwhelmingly funny, that I played it over and over and over again.

A Young Woman Recounts Her Fentanyl Addiction and Painful Recovery

A'lisa Ramsey was just 16 when she first started using opiates. She started with painkillers like Tylenol with codeine and Percocet and eventually moved on to Oxycontin. Or at least she thought she was using oxy, when in reality, she'd become unknowingly addicted to fentanyl.