Amer Hamza

Technical Writer

Location icon Canada

My name is Amer Hamza and I am a professional technical writer. In the past, I was a technical writer for the company Type which is based in Waterloo, Ontario and it is a company that does technical writing based projects for different kinds of customers. I worked on different kinds of projects with Type but the best one I worked on in my time there was a student handbook for the University of Waterloo.

Type Group
University of Waterloo Student Handbook (Full Copy) Made by Type

This is the full version of the student handbook our group in Type worked on for University of Waterloo. In the student handbook, I worked on the sections with Fave 5 cheap places to eat, parts of the student statistics, and places to eat at UW campus.

Amer Hamza

This is my resume with details of my past work experience as a technical writer