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Live Review: Wyclef Jean In Brooklyn

REVIEW By Amelia Viner - Apr 6, 2016 Wyclef Jean "Brooklyn Bowl!" Wyclef Jean cheered on Tuesday night, March 29, donning an all-white-everything outfit complete with a feathered, bedazzled headdress, "Block the exits! This is a celebration! Everybody come to the dance floor! We're all gonna be late for work tomorrow!

Review: Nap Eyes Live In Brooklyn

REVIEW By Amelia Viner - Mar 28, 2016 During alternative rock shows featuring contemplative bands like Nap Eyes, there's sometimes an indefinable feeling of restlessness in the crowd that clashes with others' quiet appreciation of the performance. But a couple of weeks ago at Union Pool in Brooklyn, there was no such ambivalent energy.

Review: Animal Collective's New Album - 'Live At 9:30'

If Animal Collective's songs were intricate machines, then Live at 9:30 would be the deconstruction of the machine and the spreading out of its complex parts. The newest album from the psych-folk four-piece was recorded from their June 12, 2013 show of a sold-out three night run (June 10-12, 2013) at Washington D.C.'s historic venue, 9:30 Club.

Thievery Corporation 'Saudade' Transcends and Transports

It's dusk. The sun sits on the skyline and its glow radiates on the water. You watch the sun sink into the horizon from your chair as you tap your strappy tan heels on the restaurant's cobble stone.

Album Review: Lake Street Dive - 'Bad Self Portraits'

Words by Amelia Viner In this dangerously charming medley of pop rock, soul, and folk jazz, Lake Street Dive concocts a spirited brew of love's fruits and afflictions. Bad Self Portraits is the band's second full-length album after their 2011 self-titled debut and their 2012 EP, Fun Machine, a collection of cover songs.

The Boatshed Music
Caitlin Rose - The Stand In [Album]

The Stand-In, released in March 2013 on ATO Records, is Caitlin Rose’s second studio album. Full disclosure; country music isn’t my soft spot, so it is difficult to qualify Rose’s album by comparing her efforts to others in her genre.

The Boatshed Music
Nick Mulvey - Fever To The Form [EP]

In his first solo release after leaving Portico Quartet, Nick Mulvey graces us with ‘Fever to the Form’, both the title of the record and the first track.

The Boatshed Music
Anna Calvi - One Breath

Anna Calvi fell in love with guitar at the mere age of three. She constructed a world of music: an escape from the first three years of her life undergoing surgery and treatment to correct congenital hip dysplasia.

The Boatshed Music
Marika Hackman - That Iron Taste

Marika Hackman’s new mini album That Iron Taste combines alternative pop and singer-songwriter folk into an evocative collection of tracks. With her deadpan delivery of dark, strange, and ghostly lyrics, her soundscape calls to mind the more haunting tracks on Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, ‘I Live With You’.

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VH1 Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News
The Best - And Worst - Celebrity Gaga Impersonators

Last winter we gave you all the candy your eyes could take with Lady Gaga's Top 100 Hottest Outfits. Today, we take a minute to reflect upon her outrageous-ness; basking in the after shock she has bestowed amongst us mere normals.

Your Magazine
"What You're Listening To"

What are you listening to when you've just gotten home from a party? When you're walking to class? Screaming at the top of your lungs in the shower? We decided to wander through Emerson's stomping grounds and ambush students wearing headphones to find out what songs, artists, and albums you're listening to.

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The Smog Machine
Emission #32: Dark and Stormy, by Amelia Viner

“Well it’s either kiss me or kill me. That’s how I see it.” – Tom Waits Listen to this when you’re feeling weary, heavy, sexy, feisty, dark & stormy. I know these sound like contradictions, but they often come hand in hand. Roll with it. Peggy Lee - Fever Lana Del Rey - Mermaid Motel Son Lux - Betray Roisin Murphy - Ramalama (Bang Bang) Rhye - Woman Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin' J.D. McPherson - Wolf Teeth Tom Waits - Chick A Boom The Kills - U.R.A. Fever Nancy Sinatra - These Boots...


The Smog Machine
Yield - A Poem By Amelia Viner

A poem on The Smog Machine, the "artist collective that unites our creative consciousness at a time when we're all a little adrift and barely tethered."

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