Amelia Quint

Columnist & Freelance Writer

Location icon Columbia, South Carolina

Columnist at MyDomaine, Rookie, and Coveteur. Specializes in stories about wellness and spirituality. Her writing has been published in Teen Vogue, Racked, How We Get to Next, The Establishment, and others. Her work has been profiled in Glamour, Nylon, Broadly, Motherboard, and more. Amelia is also one half of the band Fidelio.


Stories & Essays

Why Evil Eyes Are All Over Jewelry Right Now

If you grew up in the South, like me, you probably heard your mother or your grandmother mention something in passing about a jealous friend who'd given them the "evil eye." Maybe it happened as they walked by in church that past Sunday, or as they made polite conversation around the neighborhood.

How We Get To Next
Losing the Lifeline Between Scent and Memory

To better understand the link between scent and identity, a good starting point may be a scratch-and-sniff test. Recent studies by William Kreisl, a neurologist at Columbia University's Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain, have shown that they may be an effective way to detect Alzheimer's before the disease becomes debilitating.

The Establishment
How Worshipping A 'Mother Goddess' Can Disempower Women

When I started exploring feminist spirituality, I never expected my desire to remain childless would leave me feeling so ostracized. I turned to crystals, horoscopes, and tarot cards for empowerment, but what I found was a mother divinity who made me question the validity of my life choices.

Wellness & Spirituality

Teen Vogue
Kristen Stewart Explains Why She Came Out on 'Saturday Night Live'

Even if you happened to miss Kristen Stewart's Saturday Night Live 's monologue last month, by now you've probably heard that she came out and burned President Trump in one fell swoop. But what was it like for the typically very private actress and director to open up about her sexuality on such a public stage?

2017 Style Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How lucky Jupiter, retrograding Venus and something called the Grand Fire Trine will influence your wardrobe this year. What's in the stars for 2017? An eclectic mix of the eighties, power dressing, and Wuthering Heights-esque romance means we're entering strange times, but as always, astrology can help you navigate the changing fashion and beauty landscape.

Teen Vogue
6 Words Every Aspiring Teen Witch Needs to Know

With horoscopes on every website and crystals in everyone's bag, it seems like everyone is a witch these days. But when you first start learning about the world of practical magic, it can feel like everyone else is speaking in a completely different language.

How to Choose a Lipstick Shade According to Your Astrology

Mercury is in retrograde right now. Do you really want to mess with the stars? In collaboration with Make Up For Ever. If you're reading this, chances are you've seriously related to your horoscope at least once in your life. So why not apply it to your lipstick?

The Hoodwitch

In erotic astrology as in many relationships, a secret third entity influences the partnership for good or ill. Sometimes, that entity is your own awakening. Other times, it's repressed rage or wild sexuality, desperately seeking acknowledgement. Occasionally, it's a side chick. For our purposes, that entity is named Lilith.

Your Wedding Guest Style By Horoscope Sign

When you're on your fifth wedding of the season and just can't deal. Love them or hate them weddings are the most sartorially competitive (and occasionally awkward) gatherings since the beginning of time. Lucky for you, there's a little-known celestial shortcut to looking gorgeous from the rehearsal dinner to the final toast.

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