Amber Hubbard

Writer, Journalist

United States of America

I am an enthusiastic person who loves life and loves to write about all things from comic books to news articles. Journalist and creator of "Kasiah: Mother Nature Incarnate" Comic. I am consistent and dependable.

The Renegade Rip
Run DMC and Aerosmith song still great years later

The word classic is used often in recent times, but what makes a movie, book or song classic? One way of defining it is of the first or highest quality and a very classic song that has managed to transcend time is by two well-known groups, who did a collaboration of rock 'n' roll and...

The Renegade Rip
Location and history key to keeping city at forefront

Being born and raised as a city girl my whole life, Bakersfield was a cultural, regional and climatic shock for me. But I have now been a resident for the last five years and my overall thoughts of the city have been vastly changed due to the ever-changing growth and expansion of this subtle but...

The Renegade Rip
Man shares his lifelong love of the blues

With age comes wisdom and experience, and at 71, Nat Dove has plenty of both. Originally from Bryan, Texas, Dove's first memories of hearing the blues was at age 3, when he could hear the music from next door at the club through his bedroom walls. He smiles as he began to remember.

I Am Black Sci-Fi
A Profile of Octavia Estelle Butler | I Am Black Sci-Fi

We all have dreams of breaking into an industry and turning it upside down, or creating something never seen or heard of before. During the 1970's and '80's there was one woman who would destroy that barriers of sexism and racism in the field of science-fiction writing that was dominated by white males and her name was Octavia Estelle Butler.