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Carrie Horner-Birdsong

Freelance Writer

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I'm a mother. I have an AS of Arts. I started out in Biology and realized my passions lie elsewhere. Currently attempting to finish a BS in Criminal Justice Administration. Looking to break into a writing career.

4 Popular Stories That Used To Be Way Less Offensive

Female characters in fairy tales are usually either princesses or witches, tasked with needing rescue or meddling in the process of someone getting rescued. But we're only talking about our modern versions of fairy tales. The original versions, which hail from notoriously more sexist eras, often feature women as actual characters.

Inside Westworld
Ford's Place - Inside Westworld

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Inside Westworld
- Inside Westworld

Dance of Clementine By: Amber Rose (a.k.a Carrie Birdsong) The human statues stand around her, in rows. They are of many colors and many sizes and many faces. In their unconsciousness, however, they are family. The nothing in their collective eyes and collective faces make them the same. They are crowd.

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